View Full Version : Lear with a trim problem

18th Mar 2003, 09:58
I have heard the SQ training college at Maroochy had a problem with a Lear 45 the other day. Something about a runaway or jammed elevator trim during an ILS at BN. I understand they had serious control problem. Details a bit scratchy, does anyone have more info.

18th Mar 2003, 10:08
I heard something about an elevator actuator becoming lose (if that makes sense).

Apparently very lucky not to lose it altogether.

18th Mar 2003, 11:13
Is that the one parked at Alliance Bn the last few days?

18th Mar 2003, 21:56
I presume so, I think the whole fleet was grounded while checks were taking place.

19th Mar 2003, 00:41
They nearly lost another one a few years ago with a jammed elevator on takeoff, in Singapore, after something was left in the elevator control system during ground maintenance.

19th Mar 2003, 03:53
If this incident refers to the 13/3, I landed directly behind a Singair LR45, ILS 01, no mention on TWR Freq., although they may have discussed control problems prior our transfer, certainly much discussion on GND Freq, btwn LR and the GND. They seemed a little preoccupied, as one would be!!, No visible problems, although if it was a trim problem you wouldnt expect there to be.
By the way what are they actually doing, do they run a Cadet scheme out of Marocchy do they, bit ignorant on this one..

19th Mar 2003, 07:11
They do their abinitio stuff over in Jandakot on 172s and barons BLO then come on over here to MC to do their jet f/o training on the lears before going back up to SIN for effo training. Do a heap of ILSs into BN and flights all around the place to Rocky, Coffs etc. Had 2 brand new Lears delivered when they opened and have another 2 that they have had for years based in the west and SIN. They lost one a few years ago up in Singapore somewhere, not sure of the circumstances

Hugh Jarse
19th Mar 2003, 07:33
They also do consolidation flying for those doing upgrades.

The last guys I talked with in YSCB had a cadet from W.A. doing his initial jet stuff, and another F.O. about to commence command training.

What a hoot :}