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Douglas Mcdonnell
16th Mar 2003, 06:25
Howdy aviation pardners. I keep hearing way out stories of 717s being painted in Australian colours. Anyone else heard anything about this. Ditzy boy Im assuming that you would know!!

Cheers DM

16th Mar 2003, 07:34
It would be good if it were true. A low cost trans tasman operation could like ports like HBA,NTL,CFS and OOL directly with NZ.


16th Mar 2003, 10:43
Nope I just do the coffee. :D

Hobay3 -
Are you saying 717s could fly trans tasman? Not with any pax me thinks.

Kwaj mate
17th Mar 2003, 04:21
The 717 is not Etops approved - nor will be. Why do you think they use 733's?
When NZ get their A320's running, they will use up to 5 on the Tasman routes in due course.
An A319 at 140 seats would be an ideal shuttle for this market; or perhaps the 738NG/W with about 165 seats.
DJ should also be able to offer a nice low fare with an attractive international service.
Perhaps we should ask Ewan Wilson's advice on this matter, as he would know.
BTW - OOL is already a regular port of call for Freedom.

I'm with stupid
17th Mar 2003, 08:45
Don't think DJs NGs are Etops approved at the moment either??

Kwaj mate
17th Mar 2003, 09:04
to the other bloke.
You're probably right.
Why would DJ pay the additional brass to be Etops - unless the MEL-PER services need to be Etops; as were the TN A.300's after some time on service.

17th Mar 2003, 14:06
Douglas Mcdonnell

All as I can say to that is

I hope f$$king NOT.........:confused: :yuk:

29th Mar 2003, 15:33
DJ are working on ETOPS in preparation for international ops

29th Mar 2003, 17:28
Etops courses been running at DJ for 6 months now for tech crew,approval shortly starting at 75 mins!

29th Mar 2003, 19:40
Does 75 mins ETOPS get you across the Tasman?

cyclops camel
29th Mar 2003, 21:50
A 75 minute ETOPS course? Sounds reasonable.

Do you get 1.25hrs credit?


rescue 1
1st Apr 2003, 14:18
75 mins could but would have a dog leg in it...90 mins would be much easier.

I thought I had heard that etops had been delayed to VB...

Anti Skid On
2nd Apr 2003, 14:13
The B717's big bro, the venereable MD90 could do trans-tasman and there are plenty of them parked up waiting for the right investor.