View Full Version : Freedom Air rosters

15th Mar 2003, 19:57
Can anyone give me any information on the rostering and pilot bases at Freedom Air?

I assume Australia and back since they don't fly domestic any more.

Any info is much appreciated.

Luke SkyToddler
15th Mar 2003, 20:29
... and while you're at it, anyone who could give us the current low down on Captain and FO salaries, and the cost of the type rating course, that would be much appreciated too.

( Sorry for freeloading on your thread there Commando, I was just about to start a new one and I saw yours ... honest :ok: )

16th Mar 2003, 13:01
I've been told by people who have already attended the interview that F/Os take home NZ$1100 per week (they said 4th year Air New Zealand basic?).

This is the only information I have on salaries.

Barbers Pole
17th Mar 2003, 20:49
I seriously doubt they get that much!!! F/O gets 45-50k yr + sod all allowances.