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12th Mar 2003, 00:16
Hi to all,
just a quick enquiry as to anyone who may have had experience or know of someone who has paid for a B767 rating with Royal Brunei Airlines. If so what its like?


13th Mar 2003, 15:23
To the gentleman who has worked with the training on the B767 i have sent you a private mail and would like to hear back from you and what information you have. Thanks in advance

Big Kahuna
13th Mar 2003, 22:48
Why not try posting this in the Far East forum, if you want to know about RBA type rating.

Ralph the Bong
15th Mar 2003, 02:27
The B767 guys from AN seemed to fair the best when it came to getting another job; it is a prolific type. Most contractors however require considerable time on type before offering employment. I am aware, however, that RBA has contracted people with the basic endorsement and no operational experience, but not recently. Contracting is done thru Rishworth's , so I belive.

18th Mar 2003, 07:41
Enquire first before forking out the $$$$ for a type rating.
Word has it that RBA are about to start doing their own type ratings so the previous way of doing it with AN / QF or Air NZ may be closing.
But as said earlier contact Rishworths for info. http://www.rishworth.co.nz

Good luck:D

Colonel Klink
19th Mar 2003, 16:49
hoodzy, I paid for a type rating on the 757/767 then went to work in Brunei for about 4 and a half years. I had a great time, and really enjoyed the airline, the lifestyle and flying the 767, it's an excellent machine. They mainly take UK and NZ licences, and I am told by some friends still there that they are getting A319's and possibly A340's, so the days of getting type rating to get the job may be coming to an end. The 757 is reasonably cheap to put on your licenece (assuming you have a UK licence already), but to borrow an aircraft to do the circuits might be hard, mine cost about 3,000 for an hour, all up about 7,000 which was money very well spent. Hope this helps,

The Colonel.:rolleyes: