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Al E. Vator
10th Mar 2003, 01:49
The following picture makes me think Qantas is going the way of Ansett. Too many aircraft types and unnecessary duplication. Dash 8 200, 300, BAe 146, 717, 737-300,400,800. 767-200, 767-300, 747-300, A330-200, A330-300, 747-400, A380.
What the?

http://www.airliners.net/open.file?id=325827&WxsIERv=Qm9laW5nIDczNy00NzY%3D&WdsYXMg=UWFudGFz&QtODMg=TWVsYm91cm5lIC0gVHVsbGFtYXJpbmUgKE1FTCAvIFlNTUwp&ERDLTkt=QXVzdHJhbGlhIC0gVmljdG9yaWE%3D&ktODMp=RmVicnVhcnkgOSwgMjAwMw%3D%3D&WNEb25u=TWF0dGhldyBIdXBwYXR6&xsIERvdWdsY=VkgtVEpS&MgTUQtODMgKE=KGMvbiAyNDQ0MyBkL2QgMjUuMTEuOTIpIE1lbGJvdXJuZSB pbiB0aGUgZm9nZ3kgbW9ybmluZy4gVGhlcmUgYXJlIDggUWFudGFzIGFpcmN yYWZ0IGFuZCAxIFZpcmdpbiBCbHVlIGFpcmNyYWZ0IGluIHRoaXMgc2hvdC4 %3D&YXMgTUQtODMgKERD=NTk1&NEb25uZWxs=MjAwMy0wMy0wOQ%3D%3D&static=yes&size=L

10th Mar 2003, 02:04
Yes and no depending on what you think.

I'd reckon that a Dash 8 200 and 300 wouldn't be too different. The BAe 146s I reckon will be gone in two years or so when the leases run out. Various rumours suggest that the 717 and 146 will get replaced by the one type of 'regional jet' but no one knows yet what it will be. 737-3/4s will dissappear over the next few years as more 800s and possibly 900s roll off the line. 762s are supposed to be gone within about two years or so, the A330s are almost identical so no biggie there. If you wanted to you could add 744s and 744-ERs as well!

I reckon that eventually we're looking at Dash 8, Regional jet, 737-8/900, 767-300, A330, 744 and A380. Not much duplication in that. May even see the 739s replacing 767 capacity as it goes off to AO or something like that. It certainly seems like it is all being 'looked at' continuously considering the rapidity at which things change! ;)

10th Mar 2003, 02:16
Couldn't be

Qantas competitive position has been forged in the white heat of competition with 397 other carriers, honed to a razor sharp edge and not capable of being wrong in any thing, way, place or strategy.

So it must be you who is wrong. Remember Rule 1: Qantas is always right. Rule 2: If it appears Qantas is wrong: refer to Rule 1.

I too must be wrong for it seems to me that a fleet plan which built on their existing 767 capabilities would have bought at least a few of the new 767-400s, foregone the joys of the Airbus sidestick and signed on for the 777-200 LR and-300ER which would be the ideal user friendly fleet expansion method.

But, I must be wrong

10th Mar 2003, 03:50
Your anti-QF skirt is showing there Elektra. Al, puts forward a reasonable hypothesis, followed by a reasonable response from Keg, and all you can do is give in to your own predjudices and blather on mindlessly..

I think, going on from what Keg has written, that we are seeing a fleet in transition from the old to the new.

Give it five years and who knows what we will see. Maybe no 767's, (gone to AO), no classics, no 146's, certainly no old generation 737's leaving A380's, A330, 747-400's and NG 737's. As for the 717's who knows... Qf seems pretty happy with them at the moment.

Buster Hyman
10th Mar 2003, 04:54
Al. I raised this very point some time ago & was promptly put in my place, due to the fact that the 717's belong to Impulse, the Dash's & 146's belong to Link etc, etc:rolleyes:

10th Mar 2003, 06:54
No no no

There's no bias here...
I already admitted I was wrong.

Refer to Rule 1

13th Mar 2003, 04:37
QF is in a period of transition with its fleet, which doesn't happen overnight.

A330's are replacing the 767s
no problems with the dash 8 fleet, one regional turboprop is good
regional jet/717 replacing the 146 and 737-300
737-800 (and possibly 900 and 700 in the future) replacing the 737s and 767-200
744 replacing the SP,742 and 743
A380 replacing (or suplementing being a better word) the 744

so instaead of 146, 737 classics, 767s, 747 classics and 744s (arguably 5 types) you have an RJ, 717, 737NG, A330, 747 and A380 (6 types)

so the only real difference, is one more type at the top end of the fleet.

13th Mar 2003, 07:43
the key difference here is that qantas is replacing types and doesn't have aircraft in it's fleet long term that will do the same job.

conversely, ansett "collected" types, 737 and a320 was an unecessary duplication of resources, spares etc, and it hang on to the 727's for way too long, getting rid of the last in 1997.

there is a clear difference between qantas, who have different types of the same aircraft, and ansett who had similar aircraft types deployed onto the same types of routes.