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9th Mar 2003, 17:20

St. Cyr 18/7/63
I have never heard of this aeroplane. Anybody any ideas ?

Mr G.

9th Mar 2003, 21:01
A development of the T.35 two-seater, the Guerchais Roche T.39 was built with either 3 seats (T.39/1) or 4 (T.39/2). A total of 5 were built.
175hp Salmson 9ND. Max speed 156mph, cruise 141, ceiling 23000 ft (it says here :eek: ). Empty 1563lb, MTOW 2535, span 30' 6", length 23' 7", wing 145sq ft.

10th Mar 2003, 13:14
The Guerchais-Roche T.39/II was something of a landmark at that delightful airfield, St. Cyr. I think it finally faded away on that very spot. When I first saw it, also in '63 if I remember correctly, the hulk of a LeO C-302 (French-built Cierva Autogyro) was dumped nearby, but I believe that survived and is the one currently on display at the Musee de l'Air. In those days there were some real treasures around those Paris airfields Buc, Toussus, Guyancourt, St. Cyr, Velizy-Villacoublay, Persan-Beaumont, Chelles, Mitry-Mory.