View Full Version : hours building in Europe

9th Mar 2003, 13:08

I'd like to build up some flight time, I'm thinking about doing it here in Europe, rather than going in the US.
I want to do the same X-country experience whcih is so common in the US but here in Europe. Which is a good school where I can book a c-172 for a few days and fly around europe?

9th Mar 2003, 13:40

Sorry for not answering your question, but this topic should be somewhere else; if you read Scroggs' topic about this forum you will see that anything along the lines of hourbuilding etc should be somewhere else (can't put a finger on which forum right now.)

As for your question, I really would not know! I am a 14 yr old Student Pilot with 5 hours lol so I wouldn't even want to recommend anywhere in case I was wrong :)

Anyway, sorry for not keeping my post directly relavent to your topic, but hey, you know now :D

9th Mar 2003, 15:15
I believe that Haverfordwest (Wales) have a flying school with C172's and hire them out at reasonable rates.

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