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8th Mar 2003, 20:50
rumour has it that a 767 will visit dunedin on wed 12th march with a vip... if so it will be the first 767 to land there....i will do a bit more digging to find out arrival times ...airline etc:cool:

10th Mar 2003, 03:17
its a767-200er from brunei approx 40 pob arriving @ 10.45 departing late afternoon ........

10th Mar 2003, 06:44
when air nz's 732's were having hushkit problems air nz were using 767s on domestic services (including dunedin),
the royal brunei 767 came into palmy , boy did that look fun

10th Mar 2003, 20:31
Both PMR and DUD are no problem for 76 200 or 300 performance wise.
But last time I checked, there was no means of getting off the aircraft in DUD and getting the aircraft out. I may have this wrong, as I remember it, there was a lack of suitable tug. So you cant push back from the airbridge. There was no stairs either, so you couldnt stop on the apron and let people out before departing under your own steam.

Big Kahuna
10th Mar 2003, 22:44
First Boeing 767

10 March 2003
The first Boeing 767 aircraft to land at Palmerston North International Airport is a Royal Brunei B767.
The international flight which had been redirected to avoid adverse weather, arrived direct in to Palmerston North International Airport this afternoon with royal visitors bound for Wellington.

The rapid planning in preparation for the VIP arrival that involved security, airforce and border agencies, went smoothly. Later in the afternoon the aircraft departed to attempt repositioning to Wellington.


The 767-200 is from the Royal Flight.

11th Mar 2003, 00:02
The Airport Company in DUD can confirm that this will be the first B767 to visit , the largest aircraft previously being a USAF C-141 starlifter on a familiarisation flight with DUD an alternate for Antarctic flights to the ice. Also, Freedomair and Kiwi both used the B757 into DUD a few years ago.
The airport has all facilities required to handle a 767 with the exception of a pushback tug however there will be no need for this requirement.:D

11th Mar 2003, 18:54
Freedomair737, good stuff.
Does that mean DUD now have mobile steps to bring out? Or is the 767 going to be a perm display on the gate :confused:

By the way, TRG has been looked at recently...;)

12th Mar 2003, 02:32
MR ZK-NSJ WRONG AH !! i just checked & yes 767s came and went from dunedin like ducks on a pond during the crisis so the airport co dont know their own movements......yeah right...today was the first 767 to land ( dont know where your info came from)MR C1300 when the aircraft landed at the islolated back water of momona airport the pax and crew were provided with gold plated rope ladders to disembark as apparantly they have no airstairs ... and no tug ?? well when it came time to leave a band of well built baggage handlers appeared and packed down against the main gear and performed a pushback..... versatile folk these southerners i can see why the highlanders are so good...:p

Borneo Wild Man
12th Mar 2003, 10:11
Big K as you well know,its not a Royal Brunei 767,but the Sultans Flight with the men from Frankfurt,would have been a good jolly for the boyz,could have picked up some Speights!
Oh well,back to Jeddah.