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8th Mar 2003, 19:51
Has anybody been to or know anything about Orlando Flight Training in Kissimmee, Florida, I am thinking of doing my first module of the ATPL there as part of a course at CABAIR- can anyone give me any advice or tell me about the quality of their experience there????

cheers all

28th Mar 2003, 23:45
Hey, well I elected to do my PPL at OFT this summer. From my experience, they have been very friendly, helpful and efficient. When will you be training there encidentally? My course starts on July 5th. Anyway, best of luck with the training and if you need any questions answering, dont hesitate to ask.



4th Apr 2003, 18:02
I did my PPL at OFT in January 2002.

You will thoroughly enjoy yourself as flying in the USA is brilliant. KISM is a great little airport and they have plenty of business jets coming and going as well as all the general aviation aircraft.

All I would say is don't put up with unreliable instructors. Many a time I had a lesson for 9am and the instructor wouldn't be seen until midday. You have to complain and moan and threaten to take your money elsewhere or nothing will happen and nothing will change.

Apart from that the instruction, once is the air is superb and the aircraft I flew for three weeks was a brand new, straight from the factory C172SP; GPS, autopilot, leather interior, etc etc....

I enjoyed myself so much I went back in April 2002 for another two weeks, hours building !!!

Have fun..........TJ

9th Apr 2003, 23:16
Hi there,

I am off to do the first two modules of my ATPL course at OFT at the end of the month.

So far I have found them very helpful right from the paperwork for my visa to booking a taxi to pick me up from the airport when I arrive in Orlando.

I have heard nothing but good about OFT, so fingers crossed. I will let you know more once I am over there.

Good luck.

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