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7th Mar 2003, 22:19
Anyone know about a DJ737 stuck in Townsville with a big hole in the nose cone?

Desert Flower
7th Mar 2003, 23:28
Um, no, but if it had happened around Christmas time I would have said there was a fair chance that it had an encounter with a certain fat gentleman & his sleigh!!


Big Hairy Potatoes
8th Mar 2003, 01:41
Apparently it was a bird strike in the nose cone and it wasn't a hole it was a dint!

8th Mar 2003, 16:45
Was told in the crew room it was CZQ.

8th Mar 2003, 21:36
A "Belle Bird" no doubt

8th Mar 2003, 23:13
Hey does anyone know when that happened??

8th Mar 2003, 23:58
CZQ!!!!! oh please oh please oh please.......

Duke Elegant
9th Mar 2003, 00:36
There are some bloody big birds around Townsville.

When I was a baggy arse in the RAAF based in Townsville, a Canberra barely made it in with a big assed bird in the tail. It had gone through the nose, pushed the panel back onto the pilot and took out his eye.... blood and guts everywhere.

Mind you, he may have been havin' a little fun down low too!

9th Mar 2003, 00:56
The 'strike' happened ex BNE. It collected a Pelican (apparently), the crew heard a loud thud, and elected to continue to TSV. Engineers on arrival were 'suprised' at the amount of damage. And it was more than just a dint unfortunately.

James Evans BNE
9th Mar 2003, 05:22
CZQ now has a red noes.

Great photo op.

10th Mar 2003, 06:12
CZQ now has a shiny red nose. All it needs now is a smiley face and some eyes!!!

James Evans BNE
10th Mar 2003, 09:28

18th Mar 2003, 12:27
The Townsville Refueller told me that they overan the parking bay and hit a truck or something...

18th Mar 2003, 22:37
CZQ was indeed involved in a bird strike, a pelican, at around 2230 on Thursday the 6th of March. It was significant damage and required a new radome to be shipped from Brisbane. It was shipped to Townsville via Cairns with QF and then by road due to it's size......It was then deemed serviceable again late on Friday night.

19th Mar 2003, 04:27

I just painted my model all white! Lucky I haven't put the decals on yet!!


20th Mar 2003, 22:59
Thanks for the nice photo, James Evans BNE.

James Evans BNE
21st Mar 2003, 11:17
No probs thermal

more pics here

CZQ (http://www.jetphotos.net/images/v/VH-CZQ007.jpg.45738.jpg)
czq (http://www.jetphotos.net/images/v/VH-


21st Mar 2003, 12:42
Bit like BA, really when they still had some a/c with the previous cloud-grey top - you'd see a 757 wit h the old scheme but a white nose, or different coloured engine cowls...

This doesn't look too bad, really!!

21st Mar 2003, 13:16
Christmas a bit early this year?:D