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simon niceguy
7th Mar 2003, 20:23
I think this was taken about 1966 in the Gulf.
Can anybody identify the location, Air Force etc ?



7th Mar 2003, 20:51
The markings are I believe Oman.

The white aircraft (DH Beaver) also has a british serial which could be there for a number of reasons [aircraft on loan - aircraft and crew on loan] the camouflaged aircraft are Piston Provost which are probably locally operated.

Feather #3
7th Mar 2003, 20:59
I'll have a go at Omani AF at Masirah.

G'day ;)

8th Mar 2003, 00:17
I've got an idea - stick a Viper down the back of one of those camouflaged jobs, sharpen the nose, and call it a 'Jet Provost' !! ;)

Ah well, back to the drawing board.

8th Mar 2003, 00:27
An Omani Jet Provost would actually be a "Strikemaster" and have toys under the wings!

Compass Call
8th Mar 2003, 11:01
The aircraft belong to the Sultanate of Oman Air Force (SOAF). They are a Beaver and Piston Provosts, the latter were armed. They were serviced by Airwork Ltd. and flown by contract pilots(in uniform) and also by seconded RAF pilots. They were based at Bait Al Felaj airfield (Now the site of Ruwi town), near Muscat. The aircraft are flying over Muttrah Harbour. These aircraft, and their pilots did great work during the Dhofar war.

Compass Call

Compass Call
13th Apr 2003, 03:06
Simon niceguy

Further to my last post. The Oman Air Force received 2 Single Pioneers & 3 armed Piston Provosts from UK in 1959. The Pioneers were replaced by Beavers (5, I think) from the Army Air Corps in 1962 and the two Pioneers were sent to the far east for other duties. The Piston Provosts remained at Bait Al-Felaj till they were replaced by the Strikemasters, not sure of the year.


14th Apr 2003, 06:39
I believe one of the Provosts is in the SAF Museum - at Bait al Falaj (it was in 1987). The airstrip is long gone.

Compass Call
14th Apr 2003, 06:49
The Provost in the museum was acquired from o'seas and built to look like a SOAF one as none of the originals survived. The Beaver was also acquired as the survivors were sold. The helicopter was built from bits and pieces of 205,212 & 412 found on the fire dump!