View Full Version : Incident at Whitehaven

7th Mar 2003, 04:40
So.....what happened to the Beaver VH-AQV at Whitehaven yesterday?

Anyone have any clues?

Capt Fathom
7th Mar 2003, 09:30
Probably nothing that hasn't happened before...water and aeroplanes just don't mix...(well, seawater anyway!)

7th Mar 2003, 20:39
In your opinion...... :rolleyes:

King Benny
9th May 2003, 23:19
AQV was rolled and is one of Hamilton Islands machines Unfortunately a rising and extremely tragic tally for all the wrong reasons. Sure, people make mistakes, and I believe that in many cases it makes someone even safer if they learn form it, so I don't think a genuine mistake should bury some one, active stupidly is a different story though. The bean counter boss has made a reputation as being tight, I wonder if the company culture has followed? The choppers there seem to be going well though. Is it more than just a coincidence to have 5 write offs and 6 fatalities, and 4 extremely lucky escapes (2 Cherokee Six burnt out wrecks and 3 very sore and wet beavers) Seems to be a bit of a trend here with 2 loses because of stupidly since that tragic day on Hamo. What ever is going on there, I just hope is fixed up properly.:mad:

10th May 2003, 13:03
whatever is going on there has been going on there with fixed wing land and float planes for years dating back to air whitsunday,seair pacific and helijet