View Full Version : United Airlines B744 departs the runway at Tulla.

7th Mar 2003, 03:20
Just on Sky News. United Airlines B747-400 ex LAX and SYD has gone off the side of the runway at Melbourne. Seems they are waiting for lifting equipment from Sydney to get the bogged aircraft out.

James Evans BNE
7th Mar 2003, 03:48
from www.news.com.au

Jet slides off runway
March 07, 2003

A BOEING 747 jet carrying 162 people veered off a taxiway onto grass at Melbourne Airport today.

Melbourne airport staff are working to move the United Airlines plane, which has been left stranded short of the terminal.

The United Airlines flight 815 from Sydney to Melbourne landed safely at 11.05am (AEDT) but had problems taxiing to the gate.

None of the 150 passengers and 12 crew aboard were injured, however passengers experienced delays when they were transported from the plane to the terminal by a shuttle bus service.

Passengers on the flight, which originated in Los Angeles, are currently being processed at the airport.

A spokeswoman for the airport said crews were working to take the plane back to the gate and no other flights would be affected.

A United Airlines spokeswoman said early indications were that a mechanical problem was to blame.


7th Mar 2003, 05:05
Did they come off the high speed exit?

7th Mar 2003, 05:36
Pic: Bogged UA 747-400 by Jason Milligan


7th Mar 2003, 09:58
From the report quoted by James Evans:-"Jet slides off runway", followed almost immediately by "Boeing .... veers off taxiway" Which is it?

Channel 7 in SY says "Terrifying touchdown ..."

These copy writer idiots should be lined up and shot.

(Not you James, unless you were an author!)


7th Mar 2003, 10:12
I dont know about anyone else, but I dont know much about anything other than aviation and I am utterly amazed at how incorrect and exaggerated almost all news reporting is...I can only imagine how inaccurate and overdone everything else they report on must be.

Crash & Burn
7th Mar 2003, 10:15
Aerial shot from Channel 7 news shows skidmarks from the nose gear on the taxy way.

Skid marks start in the centre of the taxy way, head almost to the right extremity of the taxy way and then cross right over to the left of the taxy way and into the dirt.

They mentioned something about the nose wheel going full deflection one way and then the other. (But then we are talking about the media here so who knows what really happened?!?!?!)

Possibly something similar to here (http://www.aviationpics.de/preview/747ruboff.jpg) ?

7th Mar 2003, 10:17
My sentiments too GT-R. Every time I read a newspaper article about something I know it is usually rubbish and so one would assume much of the rest is as well. Best if you knew someone at the airport that was there who could tell you what happened.

Buster Hyman
7th Mar 2003, 10:25
Deflection, C&B? :eek: Does correction/over correction sound more like it?;)

7th Mar 2003, 10:49
Channel Seven really haven't a clue.
They did, to their credit, say the aircraft left the taxiway in the spiel before, but the reporter on the story insisted that it skidded from the RUNway.. aerial footage confirms its the taxiway.

Also, isnt 150 SLF on a craft/flight like that a little small?

7th Mar 2003, 10:49
The old torque link thingummy.

7th Mar 2003, 10:54
SY Channel 10 said the aircraft hurtled off the runway, then showed footage and spewed verbiage about it veering off the taxiway and how terrifying it was for a pax who was afraid of flight.

Incompetent, sensationalist dickheads.


7th Mar 2003, 11:35
Looks like the little devil got to United Airlines today at Melbourne.

Reportedly, UA nosewheel failed in some fashion and taxxied of the hard surface. I think that only one wheel remains on the taxi-way. All the rest of the wheels are up to their axels with melbourne soil.

UA recovery crew have checked into their hotels. Expert QA staff, cheifs that rescued the bogged QA aircraft in Bangkok a couple years back are on the scene, and fear that they might run into the same problem that occured with QA acft that they might get bogged down in the low strength pavement.

Apparently, engineers have begun constructing a new hard surface to roll the airplane out! (coming from an engineer working on the scene)

some long days and nights for the recovery team :*

Buster Hyman
7th Mar 2003, 13:57
:rolleyes:The things people do to get a layover during the Grand Prix!!!:}

8th Mar 2003, 00:12
Spoke to ginger beer when we got in this morning and he reported that the nose wheel has dug in about a metre and only one set of bogies still on taxi way proper. Main gear all in about 50cm.

I drew it to the bosses attention in Japan last night when we left but mentally pictured a lightie. Is certainly 'impressive' seeing an airliner all messed up like that- and I don't mean impressive in a nice way! :( Bet the good ole boys got quite a shock. I know I would have!! :eek:

Chimbu chuckles
8th Mar 2003, 00:58
I have come to the conclusion over the years that the only part of any story, from any form of media, that can be called accurate at all is the headline(sensationalism aside).

"Man taken by shark"

"Ten people die on NSW roads in worst Christmas for 10yrs"

etc like that...all that follows is usually drivel.

"UA Jumbo jet departs tarmac and boggs, no injuries reported"

End of story nothing else to report.

But I do find stimulating, thought provoking ideas in The Australian...deep inside away from page 1 through 4.


The Messiah
8th Mar 2003, 05:08
Years ago when the 'Kanga Hop' air race was still in existence, I called a national newspaper to enquire on the progress of the event, only to be told........'they mustn't have crashed or we would have reported it'.

8th Mar 2003, 06:16
Channel Ten news is up to its normal standard.

Breathless male reporter advises that the 747 is bogged in MUD.

Jeez. It hasn't rained in Melbourne for months. Bogged in hard dry dirt is more like it. But mud sounds better to a jerk journo.

8th Mar 2003, 19:55
Of course, bad and all as the Aust/and NZ media is in this regard generally, wait til this incident hits CNN - I'm sure the rider will be "The State Department has not yet rules out the possibility of terrorist involvement"...

8th Mar 2003, 20:10

Enough of the journo bashing. I relied on the TV to hear about this incident. Anyone have any ideas or know how this occurred. Apparently its a mechanical problem but me knows there are some when not looking simply taxi off the rway. Prob easy to do in a 747.


Sonny Hammond
8th Mar 2003, 22:08
What would make headlines?

2yo bogs trike in sandpit....no

8yo stuck in the mud in the back dam after terrifying disaster, reports distressed mother...unlikely

18yo 'learner driver' bogs mum merc with 4 mates in the car...also unlikely

Non english speaking bus driver bogs bus after overshooting bus stop....if the news that day was particularly bad

Pilot bogs 747 after flying for loong time....every day of the week!

Over paid bus drivers extort huge pay claim out of ailing airline...you bet.

Just how many points am I making here?????

Jenny Talia
9th Mar 2003, 11:31


9th Mar 2003, 22:18
It looked to me from the pictures like it happened after that high speed off 27, after it tightens.

Is that correct?

10th Mar 2003, 00:31
We landed a few minutes before him, from where I was (eastern end, turning into domestic) it looked as if he took full length on roll out. The forecasts in the hours leading up were a bit average, we were carrying a fair amount of fuel and couldnt make the high speed with jumping on the brakes (767). The wind was mostly a gusty crosswind also so I doubt he would've considered the high speed.

Sorry GTR, first read your post thinking you were asking did he take the high speed. You are correct, it happened east of the high speed turnoff.

11th Mar 2003, 05:38
Not sure of the damage but did see the aircraft and some interesting photos. Was bogged up to its axles and the left engines where less than a metre from the dirt (depending on who you listen to). Took them untill around 1700 local on Saturday to get it out and back to the terminal.

Either way damage can't have been to substantial as they flew it out around midday today (Tuesday) direct to San Francisco with No Pax.


Buster Hyman
11th Mar 2003, 07:55
Yes, Suunto, I've seen those pics too. All they really did was replace the wheels & brakes & gave it a thorough inspection to ensure there was no structural damage. If it went, then it was okay....pity I can't say the same for the crew!! The CASA Flight Safety Incident report should be good reading though!!!

Master of the House
12th Mar 2003, 00:26
Well it is true that it left for SFO but i don't think it will go direct as the crew said they are fying back un-pressurised. I think this is because the facilities are not in melbourne to examine the hull fully. Any 747 drivers, would a 747 be able to go direct SFO low level???

12th Mar 2003, 00:48
That would be great fun, if they didn't use O2, bopping along across the Pacific at 10,000ft dodging stuff and even having to tussle through the ITCZ, might even get to smell the sea, watch some whales and generally get down and dirty.:D

12th Mar 2003, 01:39
No facilities to examine the hull fully???

I wonder what the guys working at the overhaul facility at Avalon think of that??

Travelling Toolbox
12th Mar 2003, 03:00
Yeah, I remember them doing a bunch of lower 41 mods there years ago. Surely if they can tool up for and do that quite successfully, they can do this inspection.

Lurk R
12th Mar 2003, 04:20
Somebody on page 1 of this thread queried that 150 pax was a light load. This flight is actually a SYD-MEL leg and not a long haul arrival...

12th Mar 2003, 12:10
Master of the House, um, no :) That's a bit of a stretch... not sure if you'd even make it close to Honululu.

17th Mar 2003, 09:02
Why would it necessarily have to go low level? Only visible damage was on wheels that where apparently replaced. No pax would allow full tanks as well so i would think it should operate to San Francisco direct no problems as it is not much further than LAX which is allready served direct?

I don't think that particular crew would be under any presure in the cockpit for a while either!

18th Mar 2003, 12:01
CNNNN-We bring you the news first, then the corrections later.

18th Mar 2003, 12:38
Mustafagander -

agreed - plus, if they can set up a shop at PPT to dry out & fly out that AF 744 which went for a swim, then surely it can't have been beyond the realms insurance-cost-wise to get it done in Avalon, Sydney or Auckland.

Then again, maybe the FAA requires that such fixes & tests be done under their oversight???

Re the s.41 stuff done at ASTA - no reflection on the bods there, but that was some time ago (so skills lost??) & would it make a difference that the a/c having that work done were all older Classics vs. this being a 744?? Has that workforce dispersed by now?? Real pity if it has.