View Full Version : Whodunnit ?

6th Mar 2003, 04:01
Is anyone going to fess up to the 4 impressive tyre marks on the previously pristine undershoot sealed surface on RW 23 at AD. Someone hit ground about 5 metres before the piano keys.

Obviously it hit hard and short, and looks suspiciously like a B737 or similar.

4 retreads needed on this one?

Capt Claret
6th Mar 2003, 06:18
Weren't me.

Haven't been near 23 at Adelaide for ages.

Honest! :}

Four Seven Eleven
6th Mar 2003, 06:53
Capt Claret

Haven't been near 23 at Adelaide for ages.

It would seem that the cuplrit hadn't been near enough either!!:D

Pinky the pilot
6th Mar 2003, 07:58
I'm innocent and I'll prove it at my trial!:D

6th Mar 2003, 08:34
We had a QF 737 in the hangar earlier this week, reg escapes me, but several tyre and brake changes, also nose wheel steering checks carried out after an altercation with a runway in ADL.

6th Mar 2003, 08:52
Hmm!...the plot thickens!! ;)

Capt Fathom
6th Mar 2003, 10:10
several tyre and brake changes
Jeez!..that must be a rare event...when did this start?

6th Mar 2003, 10:30
Was'nt us, at least this time anyhow:oh:

7th Mar 2003, 02:13
The Russian plane (Ilyushin?) that got written off in Timor recently did it about a week before it crashed. Must have been practicing for the following week.

howard hughes
9th Mar 2003, 06:03
Hmmm 5 metres? for the left gear maybe,
more like 10 for the right!!!!

Come on own up the suspense is killing me.