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Dr Jekyll
5th Mar 2003, 16:23
According to Aeroplane monthly for April. One unnamed foreign pilot at a Duxford display lost his display authorisation there and then because his display "fell short of the required standard".

Does anyone out there know more about this, not necessarily who, but at least what exactly he did or didn't do?

5th Mar 2003, 20:17
I know why, but if I tell you I'll have to kill you........ sorry couldnt resist it.

Anyone who was at Flying Legends on the Sunday will know exactly why........UK Display Flying has high standards.

Grob Driver
5th Mar 2003, 22:19
Good answer Zlin, but the as majority of the population weren’t there, maybe you'd be so kind as to tell us, what happened?... Please!

Many thanks

Grob Driver

Feather #3
5th Mar 2003, 23:18
I guess, put simply, he flew outside his authorised display limits.

Although there at the time, I missed the 'transgression'. However, the display director and his assistant/s are usually hawk-eyed and don't miss a trick. You may get a rap over the knuckles for a height or bank-angle infringement, but a vector toward the crowd outside limits is a no-no!!

It does help if you know you've made a mistake and fall on your sword and apologise. Doesn't mean you won't be sin-binned, though.

G'day. ;)

Vere de fakawee
13th Mar 2003, 20:02
I've done some digging and found out it was Le Corsair pilote who was on his first, and possibly last visite to Le grand Airshow . :p

13th Mar 2003, 20:42
I was there and everything looked fine to me..Give the guy a break!!!