View Full Version : In Box Full?? and can't recieve PMs listen up here.

5th Mar 2003, 11:36
I have occasion, occasionally, to send a Private Message to readers here.

I will often get a dialogue box stating that
"the recipients mail box is full and that an email has been sent advising them of such."

I will then get a message from the recipient stating that they have looked and it doesn't show any messages so it can't be full.

But it really is.

This may be correct in so far as the messages they have recieved over the last "x" days that they have "selected" in thier "user cp".

That's here, on the top RH of the page and looks like this,

PPRuNe Forums

user cp | register | member list | faq | search | forum Home | Logout

Click on "user cp" and go there;

Click on "Private Messages"

Click on "Show Messages" the options are shown as follows

Show Messages From:
last day,
last 2 days,
last 5 days,
last 10 days,
last 20 days,
last 30 days,
last 45 days,
last 60 days,
last 75 days,
last 100 days,
the last year,
the beginning.

Most people have this selected say for the "last 5 days".

It will therefore only show NEW messages recieved over the last "5" days, maybe none, notwithstanding that you may have dozens in your box from way back before then, that you have forgotten about or have not deleted.

Select from "the beginning" and it will display ALL the messages that have ever recieved since "the beginning" and have not deleted.
See, there will be a whole heap of them
Delete them all or however many you wish and you will then free up your mailbox for more. Capische?

Just remember, delete any messages after you recieve them, or copy them to another file if you need to save them, then delete them, it's just good housekeeping after all.:D

6th Mar 2003, 00:08
Hmmmm so much for my puny efforts at sorting complicated computer stuff.

It seems that some have tried the and still get the "Full inbox" thingummy.

I need the really clever guys in HO Admin to help me on this.

Stand by this frequency.

6th Mar 2003, 02:05
Big W. I tried it and it works. And if I can do it so can anyone - even a pilot or LAME.

You need to check with the Chief Pilot? Your POH out of date, or doesn't Proon Air provide POH and Ops Manual to operational staff........ :}

I didn't realise I had so much in there - including three received messages I knew nothing about!


6th Mar 2003, 04:56
Ahh thanks Torres, I am the Chief Pilot:rolleyes: :eek:

Which is why I am not all that good at writing Operations Manuals:uhoh: :ouch:

It has been pointed out to me that I omitted the FINAL and most important instruction, bit like leaving out the "gently flare" bit.
Thanks Blue Sky Baron, adds fine red to Chrissy list:D.


You should delete the items by selecting the "delete" box at the end of each message and press the "delete button"

Or if you want to clean them ALL out select the "delete" box at the top of the other delete boxes which will select all of the messages for deletion.
Clear as mud eh.

The rest of this page including my mind is left intentionally blank.:=

6th Mar 2003, 06:06

Chief Pilot............. Move over Danny - Big W's nicked your chair in the front office!

The mind boggles............

:D :D :D

6th Mar 2003, 07:26
Not the Chief Chief Pilot but the one hereabouts is wot I mean't.

I'm merely a assistant deputy despot with trainer wheels.:=

6th Mar 2003, 13:05

I have found that the PM you send also add up to the limit allowed....

as they save a copy in a sperate file, that you wont know about unless you check em!!

so deleting these as well as your read PMs is the answer...

have fun!!


6th Mar 2003, 22:53
Thanks for that williamsf1. I checked in message tracking and found a pile of little buggas lurking in there that I thought I'd deleted.

Now, like Woomera, I have a blank mind - err, PM folder.

7th Mar 2003, 03:34
Is there an 'absolute' number of pm's you can retain regardless of which folder?

7th Mar 2003, 08:54

We live and we learn, I knew not of this function, or at least hadn't been there.


When you go to your PM thingy. select "PM tracking" and you will find a whole new bunch of probably old "sent" messages to delete which you should do so.


The rest of this page, like my mind, is left intentionally blank

9th Mar 2003, 12:46
Monty almost won :O

No worries Woomera! I only found this little trick out once I cleared all my inbox messages to still find I was full!!! :mad:

As they say in the classics..... If all else fails, read the directions!

PPRuNe Towers
10th Mar 2003, 22:25
Top Tip from our experimental racing contributor.

Your sent box is part of the global quota. Clear it as well to make space for new messages. Apologies for not making it clear sooner.