17th Jan 2002, 10:51
Sir Richard Branson stated live on BBC TV at 0649 today that the last 2 months had seen business at Virgin Atlantic 'picking up again' and in the last 3 weeks, "Holidaymakers have been booking en-mass".

Good news all round - and not before time!

Confirmed Must Ride
17th Jan 2002, 12:46
Loads are high, problem is yield is pathetic. Fares start as low as GBP99 for transatlantic, so they might be getting bums on seats but no-one is paying for the priviledge. <img src="eek.gif" border="0">

17th Jan 2002, 12:51
Well, as long as it gets the pax back in the planes...
You should be glad someone is willing to pay for the campaign.

17th Jan 2002, 12:53
Hi Beagle,

Sadly only good news for the company as there has been not one jot of movement of the redundancy line. Many people are working overtime to help the company through the current difficulties and therefore putting some of us out of a job.

As CMR has stated, nobody is paying the real cost of the ticket, except perhaps the pilot community!

Any jobs at Brize? <img src="eek.gif" border="0">

17th Jan 2002, 13:13
There was an article in "The Guardian" two days ago:

<a href="http://globalarchive.ft.com/globalarchive/article.html?id=020115010580" target="_blank">http://globalarchive.ft.com/globalarchive/article.html?id=020115010580</A>

17th Jan 2002, 21:36
xsimba....you are correct regarding the redundancies etc....funny how some sections of the airline are working overtime when others are not allowed to do it. Do you wonder why there are so many delays now with aircraft 'late on the gate' 90% of the late tows are because Engineering do not have enough staff to move the aircraft on time. It is starting to get to a level that on certain days I believe an accident is waiting to happen. What few Emgineers there are left are having to cope with a lot of extra work.On its own thats OK, but soon someone is going to take on just that bit to much and forget something, or leave the unqualified Tech on his own and trust him just that bit to much.....If you don't believe we are stuggling with the manpower, why do we have to walk of aircraft that are AOG at the end of our shift time and 'negotiate with the manager whether he is going to pay overtime or do some other sort of deal (time in lieu etc)....As for the delays at check-in...thats another story, and no its nothing to do with incresed security, just lack of staff, no wonder why they are leaving in droves....

17th Jan 2002, 21:57
Lisa, I think the VS forum would be a better place for this don't you <img src="rolleyes.gif" border="0">

18th Jan 2002, 22:55
No, Denzil, I really think that the issue of whether airlines (not just VS) are being sorely tempted to cut costs too much on the engineering/safety side is very germane to this forum!

18th Jan 2002, 23:51
This observation is independent of carrier and is about how 'the public' think about getting back on planes.

I am in my mid 40s and travel a lot. People my age and younger are not really thinking too much about the hazards. The older folks are. My step mother (76) asked, "Are you happy to fly again?" She really meant it, as she has asked me several times.