View Full Version : Yet another school closing the doors!

24th Aug 2001, 09:12
Just heard a RUMOUR from a very reliable source(!!!!!) that IFT in Melbourne, Florida has just closed its doors.

Aparently like 4 Forces they may possibly set up again elsewhere - haven't they done this before?

Does anyone know whats going on?

Also, how can a Company liquidate then set up another Co. the very next day - doesn't their credit take a bashing???? Doesn't seem fair on those that lost out on the first Co.

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Capt PPRuNe
24th Aug 2001, 17:48
Florida Air, if you do not want to get barred from PPRuNe I suggest you do your research a bit more carefully. This may be a rumour network but it doesn't give you the right to start potentially damging ones without recourse to the consequences of getting it seriously wrong.

I have just received the following email: This post in WANNABES below is totally incorrect, International Flight Training is open for business and is currently operating and training students in Stuart Florida. Please close or correct this post as soon as possible.

We have relocated to Stuart as a permanent facility which has always been the plan of the schools owners. Our new base has enabled substantial expansion of the school and allowed us to start a JAA ground school program.
If you are unable to show a bit of mature responsibility then you have no right to post ANY rumours on this website.

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