View Full Version : PX sinks into the Swamp

2nd Mar 2003, 14:41
It seems that the sackings must continue at PX.

At least until morale improves. The latest to fall foul of the swamp should be sharp reminders to us all that there is no shire that wilt be given the fairness wych is deserved.

A dismal pity. Let us not forget.

2nd Mar 2003, 22:11
I thought it reached rock bottom and started digging years ago!

Which swamp - Waigani Swamp? :D

2nd Mar 2003, 22:28
For the uninformed and unclean out there, who / what is "PX"?



Capt Claret
2nd Mar 2003, 22:42
PX is Pixie. :}

I now have to drivel to meet a minimum post response of 20 characters, all I wanted to say is PX is Pixie :O

2nd Mar 2003, 22:58
Air Nuigini.:p

I saw an advertisement for positions in PX about a year ago, I think Capt D W (ex TN) was involved up there. Is he still involved or was that a temporary thing?


Al E. Vator
3rd Mar 2003, 04:27
His involvement well explains the reason the airline is in even greater difficulty. He would surely be amongst the last of the people you would employ to rectify structural or morale problems.

Yet another individual willing to sCrew his colleagues for his own self-interest. It is sad that Australian aviation seems to have so many of these types hell-bent on degrading the lot of others (in this case fellow aviators) for their own self-gain.

3rd Mar 2003, 04:41
D would be a new comer to the Pixie Screwing game! I can think of a few central Europeans who screwed Pixie very well over the years...............:yuk:

3rd Mar 2003, 11:36
Sad news indeed...once again expats at PX feel the sharpe pain between the shoulder blades.

Both good guys....if a little prone to standing with their heads above the parapet.

4th Mar 2003, 00:27
Am I hearing the Pixie Death Knell yet again, and again, and again, and again and again.??? I shall only believe it when the Oak Stake has been driven through the heart and the silver bullet has been discharged, and then only when the coffin has been lead lined and buried in 25 fathoms of water surrounded by ten rons of concrete..... I might then, get out the best Scotch in a sad (And fond) farewell.
But hark.... who has received yonder Sharpe thrust this tim. Tupela ferfarksache doth utter. Who.?? Do tell all.

4th Mar 2003, 04:59
Ahhhh Taildragger! 'tis only a matter of days before ye arive in the kingdom of swamp and all shall be revealed to thee! remember sire that when you are above the parapet ensure that you do not get TOO HIGH!

Pinky the pilot
4th Mar 2003, 07:48
T he whole (expletive deleted) country is in deep s**t so why should Pixie be any different?:( :(
I really weep for that country.

4th Mar 2003, 11:00
Aaaaarh, Sharpie. Wise words indeed. I would imagine that thy head wouldst have difficulty emerging "TOO HIGH" above the parapet, let alone above.

Lest we forget.

4th Mar 2003, 18:25
TT your comment is correct. If the parapet is higher than about 1.4m I'd have a hellava job getting above it, unless of course I got very loaded on maize juice and floated 'HIGH' above it.

4th Mar 2003, 22:23
G'Day Sharpie. Not retired yet?

I seem to recall the parapets on Pixie's Bull S--t Castle weren't that high. How come the western Europeans survived as long as they did - particularly the Three Stooges of Old and the later Fuehrer? :D

5th Mar 2003, 11:26
Torres the height of the parapet at PX is variable...depending, of course, on 'ples bilong yu'.

But we can rest well in the knowledge that Sharpie has the balance just right when it comes to ridding the place of dead wood!


9th Mar 2003, 11:41

You may be right but then PJRS,MBE and whatever has hardly shown any great propensity for distinguishing deadwood from productive employees in the past.

There a a number that can thankfully (in hindsight) attest to that.

While it may seem painfull at the time losing a positon with PX usually leads to a brighter future.

The present is probably little more than some general payback in futile preperation for one's own imminent retirement. His fist will shortly be withdrawn from the bucket of water, and guess who will notice, nobody except maybe the other grumoy old wimp.

The writing was on the wall with Shaggs and the Beast.

9th Mar 2003, 22:08
It's lovely to know that the jousting goes on as the Knights withdraw from the arena for the final curtain.
Not before MBE can purchase a small libation on my behalf at the temple Mk2 I trust.