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20th Oct 2001, 22:43
I know this has probably been done to death on here.
I recently visited SFT in Bournemouth with a view to completing the modular CPL/IR (Modules 3-6)

Does any body have any good, bad or constructive advice on the school, instructors, area, planes, costs, pass rates etc...
As i am borrowing the money against my house i need to know i am making a goof risk or investment !!

any help or suggestions would be very much appreciated


21st Oct 2001, 06:58
Spit 7
I have only heard from some other students so I cannot confirm it my self , that there ground school in not up to much . I used Bristol ground Schools notes and have passed 13/14 exams to date . They came highly recommended . You should take a tour of the approved schools and see there operations for your self to get the best idea considering what you are putting on the line.
I know because i sold my house to do my fATPL.
Good luck.


Flying Farmer
21st Oct 2001, 12:49
Have to say in defence of SFT that the level of instruction is fine. Passed 8/8 in July sitting the Navs next month,then back to flying again also with SFT. If you think you can have a social life and pass all first time, forget it.Look on the bright side its only 6 months out of your life.
All the best for the future.

cln 7r
21st Oct 2001, 18:02
suggest you use the search function this topic was discussed at length about 3/4 months ago and gave a pretty accurate view of things at the time. But thing move on and change!!!!

22nd Oct 2001, 19:06
I trained at SFT, passed all 14 ground exams first attempt. I also did the flight training there and found them to be very competent. I'm sure that most schools will provide you with the basic materials with which to learn. It is up to you to do the rest. What SFT does have is a friendly atmosphere where everybody knows your name.


22nd Oct 2001, 20:07
I am at SFT, and whilst I'm not doing ATPL's yet, I do know most of the instructors and I can tell you that (the ones I know at least)you couldn't ask for a more helpful bunch.

Listening to all the guys doing ATPL currently, I reckon the most important part of the equation is YOU - doesn't matter where you train, getting your head down for some serious work is essential.

Godda go, the clouds, they are a'liftin' (I wish)

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High 5
22nd Oct 2001, 22:16
I myself trained at SFT and completed my training just over a year ago. I can honestly say that I have nothing but the highest regard for them. They are a super friendly outfit with first class instructors both in the ground school and also in the flying school. I managed to pass all exams first time and also the GFT and the I/R. Like one of the previous posts mentioned if you put the work in you will get the results. All flying schools have bad stories attached to them but possibly this is sometimes not their fault more with the student themselves. Some schools have been known to give preferential treatment to the sponsored cadets. As regards to the ground schoool I myself sat the CAA exams so I couldn't comment on their JAR sylabus but as in any ground school you don't just use their notes you try and get as many notes from all the schools to get as much info as possible. The majority of the instructors are still the same so the lectures will still be to the same high standard. Good luck, I don't think you will go that far wrong with them. You may want to pay for you training as you go though as in this day with the recent events tou may want to safeguard your money - even PPSC went belly up!

Midland Maniac
23rd Oct 2001, 01:32
good bunch of people at SFT, especially the groundschool!!!

I am currently doing my CPL and IR at the moment and find the level of flying instruction excellent. There are a couple of things that i would change about the place but hey ..... 'no one's perfect'!!!

If you want any specific info, drop me an email an i will be willing to help.

Send Clowns
23rd Oct 2001, 22:18
I liked it so much I joined the company!

Last year I started the course at SFT, completing my IR earlier this year. I found them very friendly, open and approachable, and certainly the most helpful of the schools I looked at, and the most competent in admin and ops (not to be underestimated in importance!). In fact I liked it so much I approached them for a job, and have been working for them since, teaching in the groundschool. I recognise some of my students in the above posts, so I'm glad to see the positive tone :D

If I can porvide any information, please don't hesitate to email me at the address in my profile.

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