View Full Version : Airlines of SA about to go under

28th Feb 2003, 19:46
I've heard around the industry that Airlines of SA is on its last legs. Been told that its been a long, slow & painful decline but time is nearing for the final curtain?? Still no sign of new acft, one bandit been sitting on the ground @ PLC for over 2yrs, engineering dodgy???? Believe that T&CK have handed over the reins to the children with a new GM who has no aviation knowledge at all?? Don't know if I believe that one though?? I always thought CK was pretty clued in with the industry? I'm just back from PNG with a bandit endorsment-thinking of applying but the feedback I'm getting is all negative & getting worse!!! Anyone got any valid info or possitive news??? Would be much appreciated

1st Mar 2003, 09:37
All of the above is pretty much spot on. Yes the reins have been handed over, daughter's b/f is the GM & he has no aviation knowledge or background whatsoever. The bandit at PLC has had that many bits n pieces scavenged off it to keep the other 2 in the air that it will never fly again. Three of their chieftains are still flying, but the fourth is in similar shape to the bandit. The seneca still flies (god only knows how) and the seminole went a gutser at YPAD last year (some nerd forgot to put the wheels down) & I think it's still out of action. The aerocommander is out of the air (again) with a cracked spar. It just staggers from one disaster to the other. I feel sorry for the employees.

bandit viper
2nd Mar 2003, 03:08
No fear everyone!! The belief is the new GM has a degree in Fun& Games (ie: Marketing) - he's a perfect match for Airlines of SA.

2nd Mar 2003, 21:28
Pity it it's true, I worked for them a long time ago before the name change, and found them the best small airline operators that I have ever worked for.

bandit viper
2nd Mar 2003, 22:02
Yes it is true unfortunately-I'm a past employee too. Since I left the fleet has halved in size-the route structure has decreased aswell. It is sad to see them heading this way as there was so much potential in the early days.Whilst management continue to not acknowledge & address the ongoing problems and give no support or direction to staff I fear there is no hope in sight. :(