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28th Feb 2003, 15:21
I am just a humble microlight pilot at the moment but wanna do the ATPL.

Considering doing ATPL equiv in South Africa or New Zealand (maybe Australia too)--how does it work on converting to the UK JAR ATPL and all costs. I am trying to persuade the bank to loan me money--but they say 25k max--thus I have to go overseas and do as much as I can.
Any ideas anyone?

28th Feb 2003, 16:14
ATPL ground school
IR 15 hrs
IR flight test
CPL test

All in all you are looking at upwards of 10k

28th Feb 2003, 16:23
You wanna have frozen ATPL or what?

If you want the real thing you`ll propably have to do some flying. If you have CPL/IR 1500 hrs, 500 X-C, 100 night and 75 instrument then you can get one in the US. Or you can get an ATPL forzen in the UK after you have passed all the JAR exams , but then you need 500 hrs on a JAR 25 plane to get one.I dont think there is a reason to go overseas to get the writen exams done. Go to Oxford or someplace.

If you decide to go abroad you`ll have to get the ATP(not just theory-the license) there and than still go over all the exams in the UK. You dont have to go to groud school in the UK, you just show up and write the exams-in theory. But in reality you`ll still need some help form Oxford or some school like that.

The sistem in Europe is strange now with this regulations. couse Anybody can go and do the ATPL exams, even if you have no flying under your belt. But that doesn`t mean that you are an Air Transport Pilot.You have to do a little flying before that.

If you have the chance and the money do it at home, it is the cheapest in the long run, specialy if you wanna get the job in Europe.The conversions are normaly very expensive, belive me, I have done a couple so far.

good luck...

1st Mar 2003, 10:50
Some one threw a figure of 10,000 to convert a foreign ATPL to UK one with all the exams ans so on needed--is that right?

1st Mar 2003, 11:36
I spent approx 12000 - for everything inc MCC
The last time i looked at OAT's website they had packages around the 15000 mark.

2nd Mar 2003, 20:43
Can you give me a links to OATS regarding conversions from overseas ATPLs.

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