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20th Oct 2001, 17:55
I've got 7 hours in the logbook and am now considering finishing my PPL abroad, possibly South Africa.
I've read threads saying there are no CAA/JAA approved schools over there. However I've seen ads in Flyer etc. for JAA PPL instruction.
Can someone clarify weather it's possible for me to finish out there and be licensed to fly in the UK? What about RT? Does that have to be completed in UK separately?


20th Oct 2001, 18:32
I would recommend Uk Flight Training in Long Beach, California. I contacted them through the UK rep a chap called Jim Powell.

The UKFT is IMHO excellent value and the CFI Ajay has an exacting standard. Know your stuff before hand and when you go out there the flying and nav is a piece of cake. I did all mt groundschool in the UK before I went.

Their number is in the Flyer Magazine.

Yes on return to the UK, providing it is the JAA syllabus that has been followed you will be (after a club check ride) able to fly.

Good luck

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