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27th Feb 2003, 22:10
Can anyone confirm NJS is shutting down their Brisbane base. This is of course after the Mackay base turns it lights off next month.
I have heard rumours of a schedule of base closures and after Bris is Cairns and then Darwin, can anyone shed some light on this??????:( :( :(

James Evans BNE
27th Feb 2003, 23:49

I don't think so some how.

they only just erected a brand new hanger.

I've heard some stuff RE: national jet

but nothing that bad

Pic- National Jet Systems VH-NJA

Photo by James Evans


Pimp Daddy
28th Feb 2003, 11:20
Impulse are training contractors on 717 in Cairns so that rumour may be true

1st Mar 2003, 04:42
How about the rumour of 717s on CBR-SYD?? That one's been floating around for a while...

8 8th's Blue
1st Mar 2003, 13:43
Local paper said that 146er's are soon to by replaced with a 717 service to Mackay from Brisbane (April). As for closing the Mackay base? Didn't know there was one there.

3rd Mar 2003, 04:52

I have no idea what is happening on the NJS front, however i have been told that Impulse/Q'Link are opening a Brisbane/ Cooly base operational by the end of April. The memos advising this came out last week. The Mackay overnights start on the 4/3.

Hope this helps in some way.

Capn Bloggs
3rd Mar 2003, 14:00

FYI, visual pollution, such as your post (and the [email protected]#$%!), is not tolerated on pprune!

Swinebats forever!

PS: For the rest of you Boeing-wannabees, the 717 is like the cane-toad: it'll take 20 years to cross the Nullabor (plenty of fuel stops for you, lads: pity about the price!), but by then it'll be too late!! Ha Ha!