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27th Feb 2003, 20:52
Any expansion plans for the 717 fleet have been put on hold for at least 12 months. The impending conflict in the gulf and other industry uncertainties being the major reasons. Redeployed redundant staff told yesterday that if they want to fly they had better go look for it because it won't be happening here!

Best of luck and happy flying to all.:p

Cynical MoFo
27th Feb 2003, 22:58
Be careful how you write things like this, BMC. Using smiley faces and happily proclaiming that Impulse is not immune to cutbacks doesn't really gel with the fact that you work for the company.

Perhaps you didn't mean to come across that way.

If you did mean it, however, pull your head in. This is not and never has been a laughing matter.


Douglas Mcdonnell
27th Feb 2003, 23:22
Would have to agree with mofo. A Gulf war is not the major reason for no expansion. More like no aircraft available. Be carefull what you wish for at the moment.

28th Feb 2003, 11:15
Cynical , I'm on your side!!!

Not happy at all about this subject being true. It just needed to be said. Don't read too much into how you think it was said just the content. The whole industry thinks that all is going smoothly and all the redundant guys are about to get a jet slot. Well that just ain't the case. It will be a while before that happens and a lot of guys want to get back in an aircraft before then anyway.

Douglas, I'm 100 percent certain that sourcing aircraft is the least of the problems faced by the company to expand. If there were aircraft available then we still would not be getting them. Do you think the war will not have an effect on the Pulse?

Even Q are thinking of parking jets if need be so don't think you're invincible at this point in time.


Capn Bloggs
3rd Mar 2003, 14:08
Geez MoFo,

Now the pressure comes on you mob and you get all serious on us! Welcome to the real world!! So some of you lose: just remember you're not the only ones (as some of your ilk have had so gleefully pointed out on various other threads).

Swinebats rule!

Willie Nelson
14th Jun 2003, 15:34
Has there been any word on how long till re/employment recommences?

Was there any specifics given on how long the pulse was projecting these problems for, Given it could only be speculation?

When I go to the very limited website the only information provided is how to become a biscut chucker or general staffer.:(

I am surprised how little discussion there is about the pulse right now even given the fact that nothing much would appear to be happening.


Chocks Away
15th Jun 2003, 10:37
"Even Q are thinking of parking jets if need be so don't ..."

They are you goose:8

Wake up and smell the coffee!

16th Jun 2003, 07:51
Easy Chocks, that was written in February- before QF actually started parking jets!

16th Jun 2003, 08:32
Thanks Keg

BMC ;)

16th Jun 2003, 11:25

Chocks Away
16th Jun 2003, 19:24
Oops:O :cool: Gotta lok at the date up top next time