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27th Feb 2003, 04:39
Beginning 23 April, 13 per week return services.

Syd-Per 08:20-11:05 daily
19:20-22:05 daily except Saturday

Per-Syd 00:40-06:40 daily except Sunday
12:05-18:05 daily

These services replace existing 767/747 services on this route. Per-Syd is the 4th permanent A330 route after Mel-Syd, Bne-Syd and Mel-Per.


27th Feb 2003, 09:03
Could change as EBC is stuck in Tls with grazed cabin windows

27th Feb 2003, 10:08
I flew as a passenger from Sydney to Melbourne recently on a Qantas A330 and was seated close to the rear. All the way in the cruise we were swaying gently left to right.

I mentioned this snaking to a flight attendant and he said he sometimes gets sick in the rear galley. I suggested that he notify this to the Captain as it seems to be a yaw damper problem.

I have since heard this is a traite of Airbus aircraft. Any further info from our panel of experts?

Capt Claret
27th Feb 2003, 21:30
I know the drought's been bad but didn't know that graziers were resorting to rendering aircraft u/s! ;)

27th Feb 2003, 21:44
Ok it looks like the grammar nazi's have got me again.

What I meant is the cabin windows are scratched beyond acceptable limits and are being replaced by Airbus.

28th Feb 2003, 01:50
It's a plastic theme park ride....next time look carefully as the whole fuselage aft of the wing roots corkscrews as you rotate...

...and if you want more fun...sit in the forward cabin and listen to the nose gear rattle and bang just before V1.

Then after a few years bits start falling off...

It doesn't fart under the bed covers yet but Airbus is working on a mod.

Happy bussing.