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27th Feb 2003, 02:18
I found some old ground school notes about CRM. My first (very basic) introduction was when I had just passed my commercial in Long Beach in 96.

The CRM class was largely based on AA procedures. I remember that a mechanical pre-landing checklist was mentioned and I even saw a b&w picture of it in the cockpit. The checklist is situated between the captain and the f/o and consists of pre-landing items written on some metal "tabs". Once an item is completed, the PNF would flip it to the rh side.

Any AA or ex-AA drivers out there who can tell me more about this? Is it still being used (I doubt it considering the modern glass cockpit) and if not when was this system phased out? How effective was it?

7 7 7 7

27th Feb 2003, 04:47
Yes, its still being used, and no, it is'nt necessary.

In my opinion---WORTHLESS.

Dr Illitout
27th Feb 2003, 18:21
I've seen a similar thing on Air Canada's 767, but I can't coment on it's effectiveness

28th Feb 2003, 01:14
These mechanical turkeys date from the DC4 days, worked good then.....certainly not necessary now.