View Full Version : Great Vintage Fly In Kemble

26th Feb 2003, 12:57
I've heard a lot about the great vintage fly ins that have recently been held at Kemble, can "tin Can" pilots fly in although we may be a little embarassed being parked in the company of some beutiful ol' birds?? Any one been? any recommendations?

Shaggy Sheep Driver
26th Feb 2003, 14:15
I took our Chipy last year's, and the one before at Wroughton. Great days out, both.

All aeroplanes can attend, but you have to pre-register.


26th Feb 2003, 14:58
Total envy...... i'd love to own a chippy. I was one of the last cadets to fly in one from no 5AEF at Cambridge, just after they did the round the world flight.... good ol silver bone domes and the orginal cartridge starter. Id love to have a go at flying one again sometime, now i've got my licence! How long have you had her? the only chipmunk i've seen locally is at Elstree..... although i think it might not be there now used to be in RAF colours


Shaggy Sheep Driver
26th Feb 2003, 17:43
She's group-owned, G-BCSL, based at Barton. I was one of the 'start-up' group members (there's only 1 other left) and I've been flying her since 1979. I left the group for 2 years to join a Yak52 group, but re-joined the SL group when the Yak group split up.

The Chippy is a wonderful aeroplane if you fly for enjoyment rather than transport. The best handling, lots of character, aerobatic, taildragger, good looking, economical (ish), good short field performance, and simple for simple pilots like what I am ;~))


2nd Mar 2003, 05:50
I went last year and there were more than a few tin trikes there. Great day out, I'd thoroughly recommend going and will probably see you there.

10th Mar 2003, 00:03
Our Tin Can, Cessna 180A G-BTSM is already registered....we will be there, unless Saddam invades in the meantime. Come and say G'Day.