View Full Version : QF recruiting freeze

26th Feb 2003, 05:22
Just heard of impending freeze on pilot recruitment by QF, with possibility of this lasting until end of current financial year. As the story goes, those who have been given a start date will most likely continue as planned, but for others, wait out. Not sure of exact reasons, but there are only a couple of really viable ones. Buddy of mine spoke to recruiting last week, has been through all tests/checks, still waiting to hear on course start or otherwise. Was told then that no plan exists to freeze pilot recruiting. Spoke to same person in recruiting today after hearing the latest news, and was told that a freeze may be imposed, more would be known in the next week or two. Anyone out there in the know?

27th Feb 2003, 03:18
Maybe as a result of the 'downturn' and some schedule changes the amount of SO flying will reduce temporarily... thus perhaps no requirement for intake until things pick up and/or those on promotion courses over the next 6 months go through and create a gap again.

Haven't heard of any freeze though, and they have still been taking about 10-15 per month recently... Still floods of pilots coming in! :D


27th Feb 2003, 07:09
Its down to 8 a month.......Mar/Apr
Nothing planned past that.