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18th Oct 2001, 15:09
With the current situation in the job market unlightly to improve for the newly qualified pilot for at least 2/3 years here's what I suggest .
Stay doing what ever it is that you are doing, i.e working .
Start your PPL next March in the UK ( I know it's more expensive than the us but it will hold you in good stead in the future . and do it at a controlled airfield if you can , it will do wonders for you comfidence )
Do it over 6 months . Then once qulified take all you mates flying and get them to pay half the cost. Do atleast 10 hours over the next 6 months . Borrow some money and go to the US in Febuary 2003 for 2 weeks and do an IMC night and Twin .fantastic , you will find out if you are cut out for the stress of instrument flying and it's nice to get away from the UK in winter .
Come home, go back to work and save like mad . In September go back out to the US for 2 weeks and build some more time say 50 hours.Take the other half with you if HE/SHE likes flying . You are aiming for 100 hours P1 time .During the Feb to Sept you should buy the ATPL ground school notes and start reading them .When you get back from the hour buliding , then you will know weather to go full time ground school or be confident in you own self disiplin and home study .If you choose the former then jack you job in and go for it.If you choose the latter then stay at work. I personally think this is the better option if you have the diciplin.
You will have you CPL/IR by July 2004 by which time low hour pilots will be hired once more.
Now before anyone chews me out this is only IMHO because only you can decide what you want to do .
So play you own game .


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19th Oct 2001, 17:43
Baldrick - Your Plan

Your assumption that low houred self sponsored pilots (= modular pilots) have been taken on in quantity in recent years is in my experience erroneous

You need hours my son if you go for this route 1000 ++ and plenty of ME

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