View Full Version : Fiat G46 for sale: why not syndicate?

24th Feb 2003, 16:54
I have posted this in private flying as well, but repeat the details in case that some of the regulars here don't visit the other forum.

Tony Bianchi at Wycombe is offering for sale one of the few remaining Fiat G 46 fighter trainers. The aircraft has an Alfa Romeo engine (a licence-built Gipsy six, apparently) and is said to cruise at 160 knots. Here is a picture of it taken at Duxford


and it is also pictured and described on Mr Bianchi's website at


For further information, here are links to Italian and German websites describing the type. The translations are by Google, hence the slight infelicities of English expression



The asking price is 130 K. I wonder if a few like-minded individuals would be interested in forming a group to buy the aircraft? If interested, please e-mail me via my pprune profile.