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24th Feb 2003, 14:28

On Today's 3pm London Today News, ( may poss be national ) a sequence was devoted, to the proposed "Battle Of Britain Memorial" listing 3900 Airmen who flew in the Battle Of Britain

It was proposed, that it would be erected, on the Embankment in London.

Regards Martin

24th Feb 2003, 17:16

This very old news. This has been an ongoing for a number of years. Only lack of cash has held the project back, and a site on the embankment was declared a long time ago too. But it is nice to know that at last it will be built.

With the rapidly decreasing numbers of BoB pilots still alive, one hopes it will SOON get under way.

Incidentally, the OFFICAL number of pilots who took part in the battle is 2927. Not the 3900 reported.

John (Gary) Cooper
25th Feb 2003, 18:47
Nice gesture this, though as usual a tad tardy.

I had the opportunity to visit St. Clement Danes Church (Central Church of the Royal Air Force), in The Strand some six weeks ago and wondered why there was no memorial to 'The Few', the church itself oozes with nostalgia and really is a fitting tribute to all those that served.

Personally I would have thought the memorial could have been somehow incorporated on the forecourt to the Church, alas not to be, I somehow imagine that the Embankment site will be near to the RAF Monument and understand the logic in this.

For anyone who has never visited St. Clement Danes may I suggest if you are ever in the area to pay your respects, I found my visit quite overwhelming. The hustle and bustle of the traffic outside was lost within and very apt on leaving the Church at 3pm the bells played 'Oranges and Lemons'.

Lest we forget....................

25th Feb 2003, 20:46
Today, I was able to obtain the current assessment of the BoB pilots who are still alive. I say assessment because that is what it is.

Each year the Battle of Britain Fighter Pilot's Association send out a newsletter. Following this the families report to the Association who has 'not made it this quarter.' The current figure is that there are still 220/230 survivors. 10 months ago there were nearly 300 still alive.

The facts and figures of the battle are here: http://www.raf.mod.uk/bob1940/roll.html This is the only one the veterans recognise.

The project for a memorial on the embankment is due to be finished by September next year. It has been organised by the Battle of Britian Historical Society - which has no connection with the BoBFPA above. It will be situate not far from parliament and the MoD. Sadly, it has been fraught with cash problems and still needs 1.2m to complete it.

26th Feb 2003, 11:09
Can't they get National Lottery money for this? Surely if the lottery can give shedloads of dosh to operas and crap alleged art they can fund a memorial to the people who kept Hitler from the door...?

26th Feb 2003, 22:16
For those who may not be aware, there is also a very thought-provoking memorial to the Few at Capel Le Ferne on the Kent coast. I visited it last summer, and found it very moving. More details at: