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23rd Feb 2003, 07:03
what is the easiest, the old version of the UK caa theoritical atpl or the JAA atpl?

23rd Feb 2003, 14:11
I really dont know, but i think Ive heard the JAA ATPLs are harder. Someone correct me if im wrong.

Ops! I did it again
23rd Feb 2003, 16:12
The best description I have is that the JAA syllabus is bigger than the CAA syllabus, but the actual exam Questions the JAA ask dont go into as much depth.

But If I can pass all the JAA exams... they must be easy!!!

(I Still can't land for sh1t tho)

Wee Weasley Welshman
23rd Feb 2003, 18:26
They are roughly equal imho.

The opportunity to completely re-write notes and syllabi for JAR taking full advantage of multimedia made the teaching better.

The CAA system had the advantage that instructors were expert in what the exams contained. That was lost initially when JAR came into force. It is slowly coming back.

Meaning that - on balance - the current training regime is better than the CAA one of yesteryear.


People who took the old exams will claim they were harder and vice versa.


Aviation Trainer too
24th Feb 2003, 11:40
The up side of the JAA system is that a lot of old fashioned only know it for the exam type of facts and thus questions are gone. The kind of things you never ever use in real life but which stayed in because a CAA examiner who trained in WWI thought it was still topical.. ;)

24th Feb 2003, 11:47
As you can no longer do the UK CAA exams, the answer to your question is irrelevant.

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