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I. M. Esperto
21st Feb 2003, 13:05
A friend of mine, Nate Sturman, a CFI living in Gumma, Japan, sent me this. Nate is an excellent FF scale modeler, and included some historical clippings along with his model photo's


"The other guys saw the pics in the Diels kitbuilders group etc.
The top left photo I think shows a flagman releasing a Ki-9 in
that same field, same spot where I am releasing the model.
Mt Akagi in background. The ruin of the Maebashi Army Airfield
(1943-45) in Tstzumi-ga-oka village, Gunma Machi, Gunma Ken.
It was also a dispersed Nakajima plant site for Hayates and
Nakajima-built Zeros.