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21st Feb 2003, 09:58
Ok guys and girls,
Where would the cheapest training be avaliable? i.e. not actual companies.... (that would be nice to know also!!) but countries in the EU or for that matter anywhere that is approved to complete a JAR type rating or IR.....

Who out there has done this training outside of the UK, as even the basic 15 hour conversion CIR seems out of control expensive for some crap box piston!!! 7000 pounds! get serious.....and as has been mentioned by Reddo, the shed is the cheapest type rating in the UK at 8k....

Any advice in shaving a few bucks will be helpful.....

21st Feb 2003, 14:04
Well not really what I am looking for, but the price is right!!

anyone have any training stories outside the UK? conversions? etc....

Go Montoya!!!

22nd Feb 2003, 12:38
I'm in South Africa at the moment. Looked at spain US etc but decided on here. Good weather, very very cheap to live and probably the cheapest flying around.

22nd Feb 2003, 14:48
So can you comlete the testing in spain also?

i.e. I will need to do an abridged IR or a type rating....

any links to training org's that might be worth looking at?

22nd Feb 2003, 23:51
What I have heard many times, over and over again ( from FBO's and others) that the place I live in is confirmed to be the cheapest country in Europe to do flight training. Flying used to be very cheap ( and good ) but of course it has risen.
You can get all you need ( MCC and FI not incluted ) for maybe around 24000 pounds.

Take a look at this school:www.flugskoli.is (http://)
just look for the english version.

The Pound is somevhere around 125 Icelandic Krona's
But living here is expensive ( similar prices as in London )



23rd Feb 2003, 04:06

can you complete the conversion type ratings in iceland?

I don't need to do all of the training... just the type and check for the IR.

any one else with similar stories? has anyone gone down the spainish route???

23rd Feb 2003, 11:44
what about Christchurch NZ, see [International Aviation Academy of New Zealand http://webwings.co.nz/academy/index.htm] for mr info.

They do ATPL, for NZ$56,000 thats 18,666.

Anyone had any experience of this outfit?

23rd Feb 2003, 13:29
I am not sure this training has anything to do with the JAR, if you did it, you still would need to convert it back to a JAR and another bucket of cash....

I like this quote though.....

from the FAQ:-

12. Is a job guaranteed?

We will provide you with a high standard of training and the accompanying skills required for you to be employed in your chosen sector of aviation. We cannot guarantee you a job. As with any training, your ability to convert learned skills into employment is up to you - how you seek the opportunities and make the most of those presented to you.The demand for well trained and qualified pilots worldwide remains very high. Our graduates hold flying positions in many parts of the world and throughout New Zealand.

If I was a novice pilot, this would tell me once my training is complete, and Im made of the "right stuff" I am dead set to get a job!

anyone that uses this type of advertising has got to be questioned for honesty.....

back to the reason for this topic.....

anyone out there doing or completed a JAR approved course outside of the UK?

23rd Feb 2003, 14:39
What kind of type rating are you looking for ?
Are you looking for conversion of a FAA licence or something like that ( I quess I've missed the point )

Icelandic Aviation Academy do offer a type rating on 737 for I think about 17-18 k pounds and they are starting a 767 one for around 20K pounds.


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