View Full Version : Qantas Incident?

20th Feb 2003, 22:11
Was watching the ch 7 morning news this morning. They have a little scrolling bar across the bottom of the screen with the latest headlines. It mentioned "Qantas aircraft on Sydney to Perth flight having to return to Sydney due to one of the engines exploding mid flight"

I have checked EVERY other news source i can find and there is nothing mentioned anywhere.... :confused:

Does anyone else know anything about it ?!!!!

20th Feb 2003, 23:00
Sunrise mentioned it on every news update and interviewed the usual suspects.

I sent an email to give them a bit of a blast. One minute they are going on about a campaign for optimism and next mintue they are exagerating the news with engine EXPLODES mid flight. I guess it boils down to they just can't help themselves.

Sounded like an engine failure enroute, pax saw some flames coming out the exhaust of one engine. They had pics of a 747 in the hangar but who knows what it really was.

20th Feb 2003, 23:21
The 1030 news reported that the aircraft was back in service this morning. Either it was a really quick engine change, poor reporting and incorrect or a non too serious event.

Interestingly, the DN runway thingo didn't rate a mention at all. Can't find anything about it anywhere else either. Did read a report on TAF about it though but don't recall the source.

21st Feb 2003, 03:40
i got 10 bucks on poor reporting

Hugh Jarse
21st Feb 2003, 07:15
That stupid news bar is a waste of space and too much like CNN. Just frickin irritating :mad:

Don't watch Sunrise anymore as a result......