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19th Feb 2003, 20:23
Is it true that a Airbus A300-600ST Super Transporter has been spotted at BNE Logistics? This a/c has a MTOW of over 340,000lb I heard. More info please.

Found more - 'Airbus Beluga at Canberra' in this forum posted 18 Feb

What a big ugly beasty.. Never see that at AS

19th Feb 2003, 21:28
I saw the SuperTransporter at the airshow and I can't believe that the thing flys. The thing is an aerodynamic masterpiece

High Altitude
19th Feb 2003, 23:18
Only the French could design something so f*cking ugly. But I'm sure its mother thinks its beautiful...

compressor stall
21st Feb 2003, 21:29
The Yanks' Super Guppy aint much prettier!

Desert Flower
21st Feb 2003, 21:48
It doesn't fly. It is just so fugly that the earth repels it!! :D


22nd Feb 2003, 02:19
Yes the Airbus Transporter was here in Brisbane. It was sitting on the International Freight Apron this morning (22/2/03) at about 10:30am with the freight doors open on the roof.



James Evans BNE
22nd Feb 2003, 07:23
Beluga A300-600ST

Departed Brisbane @ 1700 on 22-02-03

call sign super transporter 125



not ugly


Check 'Em out

Jet photos .net

Open Wemac
23rd Feb 2003, 10:53
The Super Transporter was parked here in YBTL today (23 FEB 03). An incredible sight indeed.

Where was the camera when I needed it!

hvy 18 wheeler
23rd Feb 2003, 22:56
Believe the Beluga was delivering a full load of our new attack helicopters to YBBN.

All i could see while taxiing out on saturday from the international apron was the huge door standing up in the air.

cheers and beers:}

James Evans BNE
24th Feb 2003, 01:11
The 'cargo' was 2 NH 90 eurocopters
1 was a dummy and just for show.
the other flew out to oakey.

both were packed back in her again both went to townsville for
a nother sales pitch.

EADS is about to start construction of eurocopter tiger
next to jet care.

trying to get more money on there return trip