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James Evans BNE
19th Feb 2003, 12:16
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From \News.com.au

Air NZ staff to strike
February 19, 2003

AIR New Zealand's Australian staff will strike next week in frustration at the lack of progress made in pay negotiations.

The industrial action by the airline's Australian workforce, comprising about 90 check-in staff, flight supervisors and sales representatives, will take the form of each staff member missing half a shift next Tuesday and again on Wednesday.

Protest rallies will also be held outside the airline's Sydney office at 1pm on Tuesday.

Australian Services Union (ASU) assistant national secretary Linda White predicted the stoppage would disrupt several Air New Zealand flights, a claim denied by the airline's Australian spokesman.

"We received the notification this afternoon," the Air New Zealand spokesman told AAP.

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Just heard on the 10 news QANTAS flight attendents will strike this tuesday From Midnight till 2pm. After several demands. inc, wanting prenate Women to work ground duties.

This will cause havic for all flights

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20th Feb 2003, 03:25
Should not impact on the company greatly. Most of the flight attendants are past breeding age anyway....

Eastwest Loco
20th Feb 2003, 08:54
I heard they were striking at QF for longer routes and shorter periods.:p :p

Best all

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