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19th Feb 2003, 11:53

I have started a database, of interesting important aviation websites.

I enclose the present list, for your perusal, or to start your own

If there are any suggestions to add to the list or delete, please let
me know.

I do keep a seperate database, for general aviation society's

Regards Martin

Action For Airfields www.airfields.org.uk
Aerodrome Operators Association www.aoa.org.uk
Aerodrome Standards Dept CAA www.caa.co.uk
Aeronautical Information Services www.ais.org
Air League www.airleague.co.uk
Airport Locator www.ar-group.com/icaoiata
AOPA UK www.aopa.co.uk
Aviation Safety Network www.aviation-safety.net
Aviation Society Of Ireland www.iol.ie~asire
BALPA www.balpa.org
British Balloon & Airship Club www.bbac.org
British Gliding Association www.gliding.co.uk
British Helicopter Advisory Board www.bhab.org
British Microlight Aircraft Association www.bmaa.org
British Model Flying Association www.bfma.org
British Owners & Pilots Association www.aopa.co.uk
Business Aircraft Users Association forthcoming 1 month
CAA www.caa.co.uk
Current Weather www.weather,noaa.gov/weather/taf.shtml
E Scotld Aviation Research www.members.lycos.co.uk/esar/index
European Cockpit Association www.eca-cockpit.com
European Regions Airlines Association www.eraa.org
Flight International www.flightinternational.com
Flight Safety Foundation www.flightsafety.org
Flyer www.flyer.co.uk
Flying Farmers Association www.members.farmline.com/flyfarm
Flypast www.keypublishing.com
General Aviation Awareness Council www.gaac.co.uk
Guild Of Air Pilots & Air Navigators www.gapan.org
Helicopter Club Of Great Britain www.hcgb.co.uk
IAA www.iaa..ie
IATA www.iata.org
ICAO www.icao.int
IFALPA www.ifalpa.org
Imperial War Museum www.iwm.org.uk
Independant Pilots Association www.ipapilot.com
International Business Aviation Council www.ibac.org
Met Office Aviation Services www.meto.gov.uk/aviation
Met Website www.phd.nl/aviation/wx
National Microlight Association Of Ireland www.microflex.ie
Pilot www.pilotweb.co.uk
Popular Flying Association ( PLA ) www.pfa.org.uk
RAF Museum Hendon www.rafmuseum.org.uk
Royal Aero Club www.royalaeroclub.org
Royal Aeronautical Society www.raes.org.uk
Royal Air Force Association www.rafa.org.uk
Royal Air Force Club www.rafclub.org.uk
Scots At War www.scotsatwar.org.uk
Skyrage Foundation www.skyrage.org
UK Air Investigation Branch www.aib.dft.gov.uk
UK Airprox Board www.ukab.org.uk
UK Flights Safety Commitee www.ukfsc.co.uk
UK Met Office www.met-office.gov.uk/aviation
Ulster Aviation Society www.dnausers.d-n-a.net/dnetrAzQ