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arthur harbrow
18th Feb 2003, 18:59
In the latest Flypast magazine there is a picture of a framework over an engine of a Shackleton.The text states it is to assist with the removal of a camshaft cover.Anyone know how this piece of equipment works please?

23rd Feb 2003, 22:05
Hi Arthur,

Probably not to remove the camshaft cover but to change the cylinder block. The camshaft cover is not all that heavy.
On the Merlin and other RR engines there is a tool to slowly winch the block off until the crane can take it away and deliver a new one. It had two handles, one at each end, and a screw thread so that when you turned the block cam up. As long as you did it evenly.
Hope that helps. The Flypasy has not reached this part of the colony yet so I havn't seen the picture. Once I do I will be able to tell if it anything else?
Regards, Brian.

arthur harbrow
26th Feb 2003, 11:42
Thanks for your reply.The more i look at the picture the more i think it is just a framework over which plastic or a tarpaulin can be draped, anyway see what you think when you receive Flypast.
Have you seen the Shackleton flying in the States?There is a rumour it is coming back to England.Fingers crossed.Arthur.