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18th Feb 2003, 04:47
Here's a news clip.

'Near miss' for IA and Taiwanese planes
Chennai, Feb 18

Nagpur was on Monday the site of a narrowly-missed crash between an Indian Airlines plane carrying 82 and an aircraft flown by Taiwan's EVA Airways.

Aviation sources said the Airbus A320 from Indian Airlines flying from New Delhi to Chennai had a "near miss" with the EVA plane close to Nagpur at about 8,800 meters.

Sources from the Indian Airlines said pilot M.P.S Puji was alerted to the danger by a collision avoidance system in his cockpit and contacted air traffic control in Nagpur for guidance.

18th Feb 2003, 10:09
EVA and China Airlines pilots ( I mean the local Chinese) need English lessons pretty badly. CAL had in one incident flew thru 3 FIR in Europe without any contact until someone manage to shout them out on 121.5.
They use standard text even during pushback.Anything out of norm is Hebrew to them.

18th Feb 2003, 10:26
So Marlin, you've got it all figured out? It was EVA's fault. Not as astute as Indian Airlines, are they? They didn't even ask for ATC guidance after receiving a TCAS warning, did they?:rolleyes:

18th Feb 2003, 11:56

It would be premature to jump into conclusion before the investigation report. English in every country has slight variation and indian atc is no exception to that, I find even australian english quite difficult to understand specially if they are from western part of australia. Let the expert find out the mistake so that we can all learn from that.
enough said.

19th Feb 2003, 10:57
oh boy, here we go again!

19th Feb 2003, 15:19
oh boy, here we go again! By that, do you mean “standby for (yet) another round of cries from 410 for the immediate introduction of universal offset tracking enroute?”

For the record, this little black duck NEVER flys on track above 10,000’ in Indian airspace. If everyone did the same, TCAS alerts wouldn’t get to RAs in 99% of cases.