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18th Feb 2003, 01:33
I note there is an Airbus A300ST Beluga parked at Canberra Airport today (at the RAAF Base) Wow those things are huge.
Anyone know if it transported something here or is it just doing a demo to Govt officials?

Buster Hyman
18th Feb 2003, 02:06
It probably delivered the kickback for the pollies from Eurocopter!!!:eek: ;) :confused: :}

18th Feb 2003, 03:30
Maybe its the politicians new VIP transport???:D

18th Feb 2003, 03:34
ahhhh I have the answer: The following from Airbus;

"Airbus’ A300-600ST Beluga has made its longest charter flight ever, from Marseille, France, to the Avalon airshow, near Melbourne, Australia, transporting three helicopters on behalf of Eurocopter.

The Beluga left Marseille on 31st January and arrived in Avalon on 6th February, following a journey that included some 25 hours of flying and stops in Heraklion, Cairo, Dubai, Calcutta, Singapore, Bali and Darwin – including a couple of overnight rests for the crew.

The three helicopters – two NHIndustries NH90s and one Eurocopter Tiger - are being exhibited at the show. One of the NH90s will make flying demonstrations at the show and, afterwards, to Australian armed forces, at several sites within the country. It will be flown to these sites by the Beluga, which, at the end of the tour, will transport the three helicopters back to France"

18th Feb 2003, 03:57
And that gentlemen is how the big kids market their product.:D

The sales guys and demo pilots get to have a great time too.:cool:

Only problem is the boss expects a stack of orders when you get back and the "dog ate them" or "they are really interested and promised to get back to us" doesn't cut it.:uhoh: :{ :sad: :}

18th Feb 2003, 04:59
Landed 0800 today with Tiger and NH90 on board. Due to depart tomorrow at 1300

Buster Hyman
18th Feb 2003, 05:09
Must be like flying an electric brick!!!

Still, I can imagine the uses for it...zero G training...Greg Normans ACJ...:rolleyes:

Eastwest Loco
18th Feb 2003, 08:03
You all have it wrong.

It is on Government charter to take Russ Hinze to Perth on his gold card.

They have a few problems with brake release weight and may have to offload 7 meals to save 825 kgs.

It is in Canberra to have the interior scotchguarded and heavy landing gear installed.

;) ;) ;) :}

Best all


18th Feb 2003, 12:52

Isn't Ruzz Hinze, well, shall we say, no longer counted in the census?

18th Feb 2003, 21:21

In the best traditions of some of our political parties, just because someone is no longer "with us" doesn't mean they can't vote and participate in those little luxuries they have come to expect. ;) :uhoh:

You only have to look at the membership rolls for some electorates to know there must be an afterlife.:} :cool:

18th Feb 2003, 22:30

I'm impressed! :D


But no great payload/range. No wonder it needed so many stops for a drink!

Travelling Toolbox
18th Feb 2003, 23:51
Well it was only designed to haul prefab bits around Europe afterall. No great range needed there - just grunt to lift outsized objects. :D

Buster Hyman
19th Feb 2003, 01:36
I wonder if Airbus had a serious look at making it into a freighter? If it could be modified, it'd be a great feeder onto the 74F's & should be able to carry full size pallets too.

Eastwest Loco
19th Feb 2003, 07:59
It would indeed make a brilliant short - short/medium haul specialist freighter - now I can order that herd of giraffes.

And I guess I must have meant Kim Beazley.:O

Only just got the 'lectic on in Tassie - and I am a bloody trabel agent - please make allowances!!!

Best all


Kwaj mate
20th Feb 2003, 08:26
EwL, there are some serious restrictions re opening the freight door.
From memory it has a max of about 40kts, and this could restrict maintaining schedules in the European winter.
It is a specialist machine.
Give me a Boeing 377 - it had great volumetric capacity.
Torres, the airplane also takes rockets parts to South America.
It must be a low weight payload to get across the Atlantic.

Eastwest Loco
20th Feb 2003, 08:35
Might be able to get some charter work shifting Iranian body bags on the way home.

Bigger the aeroplane, bigger the disaster.

That is why I a little wary of he A380 I suppose.

best all


21st Feb 2003, 00:42
Was taken on a quick "tour" of this bus in DRW on its way down to Avalon.

Fairly specialised freighter as the cargo 'deck' is unpressurised. The upper deck is simply a single skin over the ribs and stringers. Flight deck is the only pressurised area. Amazing to stand inside and see that it fitted all three choppers plus a half length demountable with room to spare, particularly headroom. The choppers were basically the same size as two blackhawks and one apache. Huge!

All that drag means that it cruises about mach 0.68 to 0.70.

Couldn't get too much extra detail from the crew due to my very poor Francais!

Ramboflyer 1
24th Feb 2003, 10:07
Yes i want one of those does an A310 endorsement cover you.

Borneo Wild Man
26th Feb 2003, 07:49
Yeah flew over the Beluga once RVSM just sth of Hamburg looked pretty cool,and then there was the AWAC's "NATO 4 " southern Turkey just last week,reason to carry that camera!