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I'm gone!
17th Feb 2003, 12:09
It is with sadness that I report the passing of fellow aviator Dave Cameron. Dave suffered a massive stroke on the night of Feb 14 in Roma,and even after the always outstanding efforts of the RFDS, could not be saved and was removed from life support in Brisbane on Sat 15th in the afternoon.

David's funeral will be held at The Sacret Heart College Church, Brighton Rd. Sandgate at 11:30 on Fri 21st Feb, and buried at Redcliffe Lawn Cemetery at 13:00. There will be a wake held at the Tobruk Room, Redcliffe RSL from approx. 14:00.

All those that knew Dave and wish to pay their respects are invited to all procedings.

RIP Dave

I'm Gone!

P.S Dave had long suffered with high blood pressure and had hauled 3 or 4 aeroplanes into the hangar in Roma on Friday arvo by himself, we think this may have been the last straw. I urge all pilots with high blood pressure to seek the right treatment and advice, and to BLOODY WELL FOLLOW IT!! :confused:

4th Mar 2003, 03:45
To all who have taken the time to read about David, thank you.

4th Sep 2003, 22:07
It's your birthday to day and I still miss you very much