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17th Feb 2003, 02:11
Heard a Singapore 777 dumping fuel and heading into Alice Springs this morning..... Any news on the problem?? Nothing major I hope.

17th Feb 2003, 03:02
SQ231 (SIN-SYD) diverted to ASP due to an onboard medical emergency. Due to weight limits, it has had to go to Adelaide to refuel, before continuing to Sydney.

17th Feb 2003, 09:36
A pax heart problem.
4 hours at Alice on the ground.
7t freight supposedly off loaded.
Thought it set heading for Melbourne!

bush mechanics
17th Feb 2003, 11:33
The crew firstly wanted to off load 20 ton of freight then it changed too 2 ton,Freight was off loaded then 10 min later it was put back on,aircraft was then re fueled and whent too adelaied for more fuel,Looked good taking from 30 ,Used up most of the runway,Hot and Heavy!!!

17th Feb 2003, 11:36
It was great to see the twin dust storms crank-up behind it down the eastern end of the rwy when it spooled-up around 11 today. :eek:


18th Feb 2003, 23:29
ahhh....one for the grandkids, the day the 777 came to alice:D :D

Eastwest Loco
19th Feb 2003, 08:07
I had 3 psgrs from 2 seperate companies on the return flight to SIN ex SYD - SQ232 I think which was delayed until 1700ish departure.

Is there any word relating the heart problem to CAT as one displaced onto QF and two on the delayed flight all reported vicious turbulence all the way to SIN. Two missed heir bloody Hyderabad conection too and had to be reaccomodated on those sons of fun Air India.

Not happy Jan!!

Best all


ps. - after ascertaining that I was serious and had a vague idea what I was doing - SQ ops staff kept me in the loop and proved very impressive. Ten points and gold star guys and girls. if I can stay one step ahead of the SLF I retain their business as does the proactive (wih prompting) airline.


Ops Normal

Legend has it that a 742 belongum Garuda parked on the end of the Corowa runway awaiting fog clearing in MEL.

Can anyone ratify that?

I have landed at that airport un the jump of an F27 - marshalled in and flown out on an F28 that we were chased around the circuit by and was amazed at the enormous seldom taxed runways but would love to know if that really happned.

Best all


19th Feb 2003, 23:19

I think you'll find the first B777 to AS was in 1995 when one of CX's -200's (still with Boeing pre -delivery) was doing ETOPS proving flights.:D

20th Feb 2003, 07:32
EWL, a 74' at Corowa? OMG! :eek:

Wow! :D

Eastwest Loco
20th Feb 2003, 07:40
Monster runways there Ops normal - not sure of the lengths or load bearing capability, but Loco Snr. advised that they used to operate extremely heavily loaded Lancasters and a miriad of other hevily loaded military equipment out of there in the WWII years.

The GA 747 is almost folk lore, and I was trying to see if anyone could verify that it did visit. Legend has it that people came from miles around to watch the departure.

Best all


22nd Feb 2003, 10:19
4 hours at AS??

Ha. When I had the 747-400 land at Port Hedland, it off loaded a heart attack passneger, turned round, refueled, and departed for Melbourne with 15 knots tail wind in 2 hours. Captain thanked me and said that he got better sevice than at Frankfurt.

Still waiting for my free tickets :(

Airframe Driver
23rd Feb 2003, 08:03
While I was a Controller in Alice, the B777 flew directly from BoeingField (Seattle) for a series of Hot'n'High test flights. Alice Springs was the best location worldwide for these tests. The aircraft was in Emirates livery.
The B777 would depart Alice, track SW to intercept the 140nm arc and then inbound from the South, at FL 410. It would then touch and go and do it again. For approximately 6 or 7 times, each day for about a week. Sometimes it would land, turn in the node and depart 10-15 kts tailwind component.
The Boeing engineers would come up to the tower for a coffee and a chat, and the aircraft actually performed BETTER than their predictions computed with the computer.
And I think the pilots had a bit of fun too. They would report at 15nm from Alice inbound, and we would be looking for it at about 7 to 10 000', but they would be blasting in at 4000' or lower from outside 15 nm. And it's all on video to prove it..........................Now has anyone seen the video of the Red Arrows when they visited Alice in 1996 ?

23rd Feb 2003, 08:20
There were a few cow-cockies scratching their heads when they got "traffic is a B777...."

Eastwest Loco
23rd Feb 2003, 11:23

Spare a thought for the girl at EW OOL who was the last on duty after last flight departed and AN and TN went home who got a call that BNE had closed with thunderstorms.

She fielded and marshalled 4 747s and parked them perfectly, despatching each in turn when the weather cleared in BNE.

Tiny little lady, with a lot of bottle - took out the ship to shore - found the hookup and got on with it.

I would have loved to have seen that.


23rd Feb 2003, 11:29
AD, is that the one that come d*mn close (ie below tower ops deck), to the tower during the "flyby"? That one was described to me by a "source" late last year over a coffee..... :eek: :}

ferris, AS does actually see well upwards of a dozen QF jets a day quite often..... Then throw in Starlifters, Lear's, Gulfstreams, RFDS, Kingairs, Metros etc etc, all the way down to the bugsmashers. Can and does get a bit busy at times in a procedural zone, it's all good, and hats-off to the controllers who keep it all going.... even "newbie" up there now. :ok: ;)

Airframe Driver
23rd Feb 2003, 22:50
Ops Normal,

Yep. Thems the one.
On their first departure southbound they blitzed the tower. We were cacking ourselves. Word got around about their performance, and then when they transited thru Alice a week later northbound, just about the whole town turned out, and there many people in very opertune positions and there must have been at least a dozen or so video cameras going.
Of the 9 or so Hawks, I think only 2 by-passed the tower ABOVE the tower cab. I was on the balcony and looking down at most of the Hawks as they flew by, at about ** metres or so horizontally.
I've got about 8 or so copies of various camera/angles from the firies and groundspeople, other pilots etc. Sensational stuff. Never see anything like that at any airshow.

But then again, if Mr CASA is reading this post, it's all ficticious, Never happened.

Capt Claret
23rd Feb 2003, 23:44
Any chance of some ficticious photos? :}

Airframe Driver
24th Feb 2003, 02:16

Love to. I'm just not sure of how to get them from VHS format to this post. Any suggestions ??



I might have some stills that I could scan, but then if you want a copy of the video........

24th Feb 2003, 12:12

I recall hearing, as a much younger Dragger, a story about a 747 belonging to a certain just-slightly-northern airline getting all nicely established on approach to Melbourne, then realising that possibly the strip was a tad short for a 747 and... hey, that's a lovely long runway of similar direction a few miles to the NW, let's try that one... but then the feat was repeated not long thereafter by someone whose flight had been only an hour or so longer.

AF Driver
The Arrows also certainly never did their crossovers below the level of some of the Kirribilli apartment buildings, and I was certainly not looking DOWN on a Hawk as he shot out of Neutral Bay!! I would certainly love not to see a repeat performance!

These guys go so low that one once had to punch out after hitting the mast of a little yacht which decided to putter through the display area.