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16th Feb 2003, 15:16
Dear Friends,

Here below are most frequently asked questions in the F/A or C/C selection interview. Therefore, I would like you share your own opinion,if you are asked the questions below from the interviewer. Thanks in advance. :O

01) Why do you want to change your job?
02) When did you decide to be a flight attendant?
03) Why should we hire you?
04) Which is more important to you status or money?
05) What is your future plan?
06) What do you think about this job?
07) Why do you want to work as flight attendants?
08) What are the responsibilities of the flight attendants?
09) What are the qualifications of the flight attendants?
10) How can you represent our airline?
11) Do you have any experiences in hospitality service job?
12) Do you have to be patient to do this job?
13) Is in-flight service an easy job?
14) Why are you applying for this job at our airline?
15) What do you know about our airline?
16) What do you know about our country?
17) Have your ever flown?
18) Do you know anyone working as a flight attendant?
19) Do you know anyone in our airline?
20) How much do you know about airline work?
21) What do your parents think about this job?
22) If you do not get this job, what will you do?
23) If you work as a flight attendant, where would like to fly to?
24) How long do you plan to work with us?
25) Why should we have flight attendants?
26) Do you plan to work for ..... Airways?
27) What is hospitality service?
28) What does “the best service” mean?
29) What are the advantages and disadvantages o this job?
30) What do you think about the airline industry?
31) How would you feel about working under supervision of junior staff?
32) What prospect do you expect from our airline?
33) If you are being accepted, how will you present yourself as a flight attendant? (Good flight attendant)
34) Can you speak Chinese, Japanese?
35) Can you tell a tourist something about Thailand?
36) What does our flight attendant’s uniform look like?
37) What do you think about living in another country?
38) We are a Muslim country; are you sure you will enjoy living there?
39) How will you take care of ill passenger?
40) How will handle the passenger who asks you out for a date?
41) How will handle the passenger who feels hungry between meals?
42) How will handle a drunken passenger?
43) How will you handle a passenger at non-smoking seat but wants to smoke?
44) How will you handle the passenger who makes a physical contact to you?

peanut pusher
16th Feb 2003, 15:40
As above, company's are getting smarter when they recruit because of well reserched and rehersed applicants. We (QF) have changed 3 times in 12 months the style of questioning.
Look at your working background and get face to face ground roots customer service experiance. It really shows in questioning because you can reply with examples of your customer service skills and how you have handled differant situations. (Big Tip for QF interviews)

16th Feb 2003, 16:19
hey peanut pusher, maybe you can PM me too. I am interested to know the answer of this questions. :O

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