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16th Feb 2003, 06:09
By way of introduction, let me explain that one way for me to realise the full and varied life I lead is to read, out of morbid curiosity, a column in Australian Aviation that records in extraordinary detail the comings and goings of aircraft from one end of Australia to the other. Even more amazing is that the guy writes without any form of attribution. I say amazing as he couldn't possible do all of what he does without the befit of correspondents/informers. My psedonym is a facetious reference to these poor souls!!

In the latest issue he proudly reports that Qantas B744 OJB is soon to be out of the red aborigine paint scheme and revert to Qantas vanila livery. What his Qantas mole has not yet revealed is that the same fate is soon in store for OJC (F1 livery) while a new 747-400ER is to be delivered in a new aboriginal livery.

Gee. I had better stop in case someone suggests that I too should 'get a life"! Let's see if what I am told is pinched and used by others without attribution to PPRUNE or me.

The Enema Bandit
16th Feb 2003, 07:15
You wouldn't be one of those people that drives all around the country dropping in to airfields and noting rego's would you?

16th Feb 2003, 08:50
I'd like to think that EBU, the notorious "blue spew" B747-338 is to be repainted too. Actually, I don't mind OJB. We ought to let it be a lesson to us and not park the a/c near the Marickville fence overnight!! ;)

16th Feb 2003, 10:48
Did I hear right? That there was an article in Australian Aviation without the usual slander/ bagging out/ "not media savvy" crap that usually is associated with an article about QF in the above magazine?? Amazing.
By the way musta, where is EBU?? I haven't seen it in ages- hopefully it is indeed in the paint shop, hopefully not where they painted the Aussie Airlines 76's (was that Air NZ at Richmond?)- apparently the paint is falling off already.

16th Feb 2003, 10:53

Knowing as I do the target of your post and, that he does not frequent the halls of pprune I will laugh at your lamentable post on his behalf.

I see nothing constructive to be gained by your denigration of his activities. "My psedonym is a facetious reference to these poor souls!!".

Nobody needs to suggest you get a life, your post has indicated that admirably :yuk:


Fris B. Fairing
17th Feb 2003, 01:23

I'm assuming that you are referring to the "Traffic" column in Australian Aviation. This column is compiled by a genuine and respected historian who will be saluted by future generations for having kept such a valuable historical record.


You won't find remarks derogatory of any operator in this column, just historical facts.

In my own activities an an aviation historian I frequently encounter retired aircrew who failed to record their early careers but are not too proud to draw upon the research of the much-maligned "spotter". So just be thankful that someone is keeping our aviation history.

18th Feb 2003, 11:49
Fris B. Fairing,
My comment was not derogatory of "Traffic", I am just a bit nauseated by "From the Editor"- he has been less than complementry of QF in general ( in some cases rightly so) whilst going out of his way to praise VB (yes, they do run rings around us in customer service-again!), but generally a bit over the top- the illustration of a QF 744 with golf ball and bunkers painted down the side was one example, maybe funny to some, the subsequent column in Qrewroom was less than complimentry, with quite a few members cancelling their subscription to AA.
Anyway, I am appreciative of your efforts to record ouur aviation history- hopefully our 762's will be a part of that soon too...

yellow rocket
20th Feb 2003, 09:22
I saw EBU in BNE last week.

Fris B. Fairing
20th Feb 2003, 22:36

I must have missed the golf analogy illustration to which you refer. However, I agree that's going too far.


Al E. Vator
20th Feb 2003, 23:19
The Editor is a twit but the contributors do a great job.

Very difficult to keep churning out that content every month and I take my hat off to them - PARTICULARLY the fellow who monitors the movements etc. He's a very knowledgable bloke and Australian aviation is the winner by having folks like him amongst it's ranks. Reggiespotter I reckon you're way off the mark.

Now if you'd made the comment about the editor I'd agree - his comments and ill-informed drivvel remind me of the old saying "Those who can,do - those who can't...................write magazines". Again though it is no mean feat producing a monthly magazine so credit where credit's due.

24th Feb 2003, 05:17
I think Al E. Vator has hit the nail on the head.. I haven't heard too many pilots say "I've always wanted to be...an avaition journalist"...
I think he must be related to the those wonderfully fair and non-biased people who write for "the Australian" on a Friday..
Anyway, safe flying, and I don't mean on the desktop...
"Stick with it son..."

27th Feb 2003, 00:38
" those wonderfully fair and non-biased people who write for "the Australian" on a Friday.. "

People? Every story is credited to the one writer - one man band the Australian newspaper aviation department

Southern handler
27th Feb 2003, 05:45
Was having a famil in Sydney last Friday 21st and EBU was in hanger 96