View Full Version : Narita Runway Overrun

16th Feb 2003, 03:54
Anyone have details of a narita runway overrun on the short runway a week ago or so? Apparently an Air Japan 767..............


Mr McGoo
23rd Feb 2003, 03:07
Talking to a friend who landed there before the overun, there was SERIOUS overshoot shear in the the last hundred feet. 70 kts of tailwind all the way down finals and in the gravy stroke wind sheared to 10kts headwind down the runway. These conditions were stated on the ATIS.

Friend was allocated the short runway (2180m/7150ft) and politely declined, ATC then offered him the long runway (4000m/13100ft) and a successful landing was made using all the runway.

The Japanese 767 landed sometime later on the short runway and ran off the end.

26th Feb 2003, 21:29
I heard it was an ANA subsidiary 767, driven by one of the local checkies without any adverse conditions, just trying to pull off a smoothie....think he got demoted.