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14th Feb 2003, 19:34
I read this from www.justplanes.com

MH085, a Boeing 777 en route from Tokyo Narita to Kuala Lumpur via Kota Kinabalu, declared an emergency 20 minutes after taking off from Kota Kinabalu after an explosion in the nr1 engine. The aircraft returned to Kota for an emergency landing last night

Someone has more information?

14th Feb 2003, 20:48
No info, but it's the second MAS 777 with engine problem in just a few weeks.

Here is the other one (http://www.pprune.org/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=79602)

What type of engines do the have on their B777's? What about ETOPS?

14th Feb 2003, 21:07
The engines on Malaysia Airlines B777's are RR Trent 890's.


gas path
14th Feb 2003, 22:14
Dunno about the Kota incident, but the one at FRA was nothing more than a contaminated electrical plug that had a feedback signal from the inlet guide vane act to eec going through it.
The engine had surged twice during the TO run. The engine was boroscoped but nothing was amiss! Funnily enough the aircraft CMC (MAT) was showing a msg of loss of signal.

Anti Skid On
15th Feb 2003, 01:24
I believe all their 772's are ETOPS certified; they use them for KUL to Aussie and they formerly were used on the AKL route too.

15th Feb 2003, 03:39
Their 777 are etops cert.
If it was only 20mins into the flight then they are still non-etops. So it wont count as an etops failure.

Sultan Ismail
15th Feb 2003, 08:51
MAS 777 Engine Out

Hi guys, I'm just SLF reading the New Straits Times, where todays edition reported the problem as blowback and compressor stall.

Quoted the Rolls Royce Malaysia representative.

Unfortunately I have already binned todays NST which identified the representative, but you can probably find it on the Web. Try NST.com.my

It also reported a requirement for an engine change.

I'm SLF, don't flame me.

Sultan Ismail

15th Feb 2003, 08:58
I can only confirm seeing an MAS 777 in darkness on the ground at KK at 4am as I was flying out of there. Seemed odd to me as only the 737 or F50's will nightstop there. Though they have been using higher capacity aircraft for domestic flights recently.

Old Aero Guy
15th Feb 2003, 15:34

Even though this was not in an ETOPS portion of the flight, it will show up in the ETOPS statistics.

All inflight shutdowns, regradless of phase of flight are counted.