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13th Feb 2003, 15:33
Can the 1500 hours used to gain an unfrozen ATPL include private and other non-commercial flying, or does all of the 1500 hrs have to be commercial flying?

13th Feb 2003, 15:37
i believe so, as long as it is powered. frantic hand flapping cannot be logged!

13th Feb 2003, 15:39
Yes, it can include private flying, and in fact it can include any loggable time on aeroplanes, although I can't remember the exact rules re. non-aeroplane time.

There are a number of other requirements to be met, too. One of these is for 500 hours of multi-crew time. Although I don't think it's actually a requirement for this to be commercial, there aren't too many people are going to be able to get 500 hours of private multi-crew time ;)


13th Feb 2003, 16:12
Thanks for ur answers so far.

So those 500 hours of multi - crew flying. Are those in addition to the 1500 hours or just part of them?

13th Feb 2003, 16:21
For the ATPL you must have 1500 hours total time, ofwhich 500 must be multi-crew. You must also have a certain minimum night and IFR time.

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