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Hussar 54
16th Jan 2002, 23:36
Just seen the ads in last weekend's UK papers and am left wondering....

Does this mean new machines, given the number and frequency of the new French destinations, and if so, where are they getting more crew ?

Can't recall seeing any 'Sits Vacant' for Buzz, or any announcements about new equipment on the way.....

And why both MRS and TLN...suits me fine, but they're only 60 km apart serving the same market...

Any ideas/answers, anyone ?

17th Jan 2002, 01:03
There was an artical on TF1 evening news a week or so ago about Buzz expanding its routes into France, from what I remember it was about some proposed internal routes from Bordeaux and Tolouse to various other French destinations. Sorry I cant be of much help, but my french still isnt great and I just saw the piece on the news in passing without taking the time to concentrate on understanding everything. If your french is good you could try seaching their website, <a href="http://www.TF1.fr" target="_blank">www.TF1.fr</a> they have links.

Regards, SD.
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17th Jan 2002, 01:36
Try the press releases at <a href="http://www.buzzaway.com." target="_blank">www.buzzaway.com.</a> The future's yellow!